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So this little blog has been put on the back burner lately as I relearn the art of living.

The break has been good and it was what I needed. I had ambitions to become a famous blogger…for about a week and now I really do not care about the fame or fortune!! :). 
However I think that is the point. I write to find a creative outlet away from the structures of work and the chaos of motherhood. It is a lovely escape and as long as someone enjoys my words I will continue on this blogging journey wherever it takes me.

I am finding my little blogging space to be a nice little treat amongst it all. 
However I no longer allow it to take over my life. I can’t, I do not have the time.

Returning to work after a year off demands that you must borrow minutes. You have to plan out your day to steal half an hour so you can go for a run in the morning only to work later in the evening. I rob minutes during my lunch to reply to the comments I love to receive on my blog. 
I borrow time to catch up with friends only to have to repay my time debt by allowing Daddy Kangaroo to escape on his motorbike or to the waves. This time of life is a juggling act. 

These are the days that can zoom by in a hazy blur. One day rolling into the other. These are the days when the simple life becomes the cherished life. Those precious days when you do manage to make it out alone for a walk, the days when you manage to read some of your book before you fall fast asleep exhausted from the juggle. These are the days when just eating outside in the sunshine with your family is enough to make you appreciate life. 

The bonus days for me have been the days when I have been able to borrow time in the company of a friend. To laugh so hard my cheeks hurt. It has been a long time since I have wanted to socialise. However the last couple of weeks I have enjoyed spending time with dear friends who have listened, who have made me laugh and reminded me how lucky I am to have such great people in my life. 

We saw a movie under the stars, we ate out alone, we wandered the shops, we drank a little wine and we spoke about life. We were dragged up from our seats to dance by a strange man, we laughed when he told my friend she had great knees! Despite his weird compliment he actually made our night all the more fun as we danced to Jackson 5. 
Before walking home by the light of the moon, high heels in hand. To drink peppermint tea and munch on hummus and crackers.

Life moves in stages we can so easily get caught up in it, we can worry, we can forget to pause. 
We can forget to live. Before we know it a year can fly by. 
Pause to laugh and be kind to yourself you deserve it. 

Do you have to borrow time in your day?
How do you juggle blogging?
When did you really laugh last?

Linking with Jess for IBOT Tuesday!

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