Adjusting to Upside Down Seasons

It is always about this time of year that my clock begins to slow down. 

The magnetic forces become confused as to which way is up. 

I have been living in this beautiful and diverse brown land eight and a half years now. 
However my internal seasonal body clock still seems to struggle in adjusting to an upside down Easter. With the arrival of some welcome cooler weather, this seasonal change for me also brings with it a rush of memories and emotions. Followed by a feeling of what can only be described as confusion. 

While I relish in the arrival of winter in Perth, especially after so many weeks of hot and sticky weather. Every year without fail Easter makes me feel homesick. It makes me yearn walking a country lane with overgrown hedgerows and nesting birds. 

At Easter time I have been conditioned to think of daffodils, bluebells and delicate snowdrops in bloom. I expect the days to become longer and brighter. The spring lambs to be bleating by their mothers side in the lush green fields. I feel a sense of excitement begin to creep in at the thought of the long summer nights ahead hanging out in the daylight until around 10.30pm.

The reality, however is quite the opposite and my mind becomes confused and a little sad. 
Here at the bottom of the world the days are getting shorter and the darkness is creeping in a little sooner then before. The sun is becoming lower in the midday sky. A chill begins to push the heat out and back up to the North. There are no cosy pubs with crackling fires, musicians setting up in the corner to sing about rebels and lost loves. A smell of hot whiskey in the air. I seek the people hypnotised by the settling malt in their freshly poured pints of Guinness. 

So while I enjoy the cooler days and cosier nights of the WA autumn. My internal clock that was set all those years ago as an infant in my mothers arms, seems unable to adapt to this upside down time.

My clock that is stuck on the feeling that with winter comes Christmas, and expects my birthday to be celebrated on a summers night rather than a winters eve.

It is a strange feeling, a collection of feelings I find difficult to verbalise. 
I wonder will my clock ever be re-set? 
I ponder whether my seasonal clock that was set by Northern Hemisphere hands will be with me for the rest of my life in Australia?

I would love to Know what feelings and associations you experience with the arrival of autumn in Australia??
Do you suffer from Upside down SADS like I do ??

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