Use What you Have

Today started off lazy.

I was in PJs until 10am and had a snooze on the couch while Little C had a nap and EP watched TV.

On Thursdays we go slow.

I do not work on a Thursday so it is nice to not be rushing out the door with three bags and two boys while searching for missing shoes.

My house was a huge mess and I was trying to ignore it.
Perhaps if I ignored it it would go away. 

However feeling refreshed after my 10 minute power nap a sudden yearning for change came over me.

I needed to move some furniture. I needed to breath some fresh air into our house that had been stale for too long now.

I have not had this feeling for a long time. But sometimes an idea of moving a table or chair might pop into my head and I just have to try it out as soon as possible.

Couches were moved, tables were shifted, drawers were emptied. Two toy boxes were culled to just one. 



 A cosy corner under a leaf was created to encourage time to be quiet and read. An old floral armchair in the other corner, a place for peaceful contemplation while gazing out the window at the oranges in bloom. Some lights in a basket to add some colour and a calming atmosphere.



We had a dump site in our house. A corner in the laundry. Everything from hats to bills, bags to buckets has been dumped in this corner for months and months now. I would get to it some day..

That day was today. I planned in my head to take a trip to Ikea to buy boxes or something to help reorganise this mess. Dirt Girl however has taught me otherwise.

If you do not follow Dirt Girl on Facebook you are missing out.

Her motto is.

“Use what you Have” 

I love it. It is so true most of us have too much. The theory in this day and age is also really important. An age when we are beginning to drown in our own waste. 

I used what I had. 

A decorative purple Ikea box I just happened to have became a shoe box to store all those shoes that keep going missing. 

A small filing cabinet that I was using to dump artwork from daycare, and recycled wrapping paper became a bag store. I pulled all the files out and it became a perfect drawer for storing all our bags. 



Our kitchen table is worn and run down I added a purple table cloth and changed the position adding a new lease of life to the kitchen.

I keep looking at all the changes I made and thinking how good it all looks. Without spending a penny. It feels brand new again.

Now what else can I change…..

An added bonus. I am taking part in the Global Corporate Challenge at work. We are recording our daily steps for 100 days. Yesterday at work I took 7120 steps. Today without leaving the house I took 11551 steps !!!

Do you love moving furniture in your house??
See what you can create by using what you have?

My camera is broken I feel totally lost without it. I am stuck with the crappy photos from my 

                                          Flogging My Blog with Grace on Friday.

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