It is quiet

Winter sun streams in the kitchen window. 

Golden rays feeling their way into our home.

It is quiet.

Are you afraid of silence?

Are you relaxed by the rhythm of the breath?

Time alone. 

I have so much to do! 

There is so much I could do.

I lay on the comfy couch a heavy woollen blanket over my body keeping the winter chill at bay. 

Australian houses are not made for the cold. The chill envelops every nook and cranny. 
This time the heat looses the battle, the cold has more power against the uninsulated walls.

Sometimes I just lie and listen. My time is never my own. He sleeps in his darkened room resting from his morning of exploring. His chubby hands holding onto his beloved blue dog. The soft toy that smells like a real blue dog who has just come in from the rain. 

The clock ticks softly but just loud enough to remind me of the pulsing time. A dog lets out two short snappy barks. “I am here and this is my house”‘. The birds chirp “we are here and we are enjoying our day”.

I have to make the most of this quiet. I want to write. I want to read. My eyes are heavy. I have to cook and clean and………

Instead I just lay there on the couch in the woollen blanket willing time to stay still…….

I hear the engine slow down.

Little voices. 

Excited boys.

The quiet is shattered, small pieces retreat to my mind. 

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