Unconditional Love

We sit on the red swing.

Him and I.

His chubby foot tucked under my crossed legs.

I love the weight of his small body against mine.

My arms around him trying my best not to cuddle him to death.

My lips resting on the top of his beautiful baby head.

Soft wispy hair tickling my nose. I breathe in his perfect smell. 
A smell that could heal the most ill of hearts. 

A new soul. 

No Prejudice.

No Judgement.

No Hatred.

No Grudges.

Only Contentment.

Only Happiness

Only Love

Full of awe at this amazing world.

This moment as we sway round and round in a swing with no fixed path. 

Free to flutter in any direction. 

I close my eyes.

The sunlight dances on my eyelids as we swing in and out of the shade.

He umms and Ahhs.

I know I must remember this moment.

His smell, his delight, his peaceful soul.

My unconditional love for him. 

This is the way we start out in this world. A cleansed spirit with no prejudgement.

Why is it that must we change?

What tiny moments do you want to remember?

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