Your Story Sunday

Bloggers love to share, they really love to write and they really really love to read. The blogosphere is a supportive community where we enjoy and genuinely applaud each others creations.

I love to write to a prompt. Writing to a prompt no matter how obscure, can really open up the creativity and push you to think outside the square. 

However blogging is time consuming and takes dedication especially if you are to keep up with responding to comments and returning the love by reading and commenting on others blogs.

I have had to cut my blogging down to once a week. Presently I just do not have the time to publish anymore than that. I am however writing and scribbling in between when the urge comes upon me.

I  truly believe everybody has a wisdom within to share. 

When blogging and putting your words, thoughts and opinions out there. You must at times remind yourself not to be the “know -it all”. It is important to remember to remain true but more importantly be humble. Someone else may have a better story or idea than you but they just do not publish it for all to see. 

Blogging keeps my mind busy in a really great way. The challenge of making my everyday into a story, makes the boring become that little bit more exciting.

With all that said I have come up with an idea. I am prepared to fail but I thought maybe I would put this idea out there and see where it leads. After all if you don’t try you will never know.

The first Sunday in every Month I would like to open up my blog to you. 

To you the established bloggers.

To you the readers.

To you the friends.

To you the closet writers you know who you are????

Why not connect with the stories that are inside you, inside everyone. 

Gain a few new readers for your own blog. 

Gain confidence in your words and in yourself.

I am more than happy for you to remain anonymous if you wish. The closet writer could put their words out there and stand back behind the virtual wall to gauge the reaction. Perhaps this step into the unknown might set you on a new road of writing and much more importantly self-belief.

Your post will go live on the first Sunday of every month. The following Friday I will share your post on Flog your Blog Friday over on the brilliant and beautiful writers Grace’s Blog WithSomeGrace which is a link up of some amazing Aussie bloggers. Where your words will hopefully receive some comment love.

Posts can be submitted to me by email

If I get more than one I will post every Sunday throughout the month. 

If I get no stories I will write to the prompt myself. 

So here it goes.

My first prompt for the “Your Story Sunday” to go Live on Sunday the 6th of July is:


If anyone wants to write a story on “Birthdays” email your story to me by Friday the 4th of July 2014

Sunday is a great day to kick back and do some reading. “Your Story Sunday” can be autobiographical, biographical, or fictional. It can be happy, sad or just something you want to get off your chest. 

I will share the following months prompt on the first post Sunday July 6th and on my Facebook page

The Rules
Unless I can vouch for someone personally your post will not be published

I reserve the right for review. You may use your own photographs. However I am happy to provide images also.

If you have your own blog a message and link back to say you are hanging out with me for the day would be all I ask. Or grab the little “Your Story Sunday” button from my side bar.

You will be able to respond to comments yourself If you want to.

As the way of blogging goes I will share your words on Google+, Facebook and Twitter if you would also like to do the same. Thank You !!!

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