Why I Write

I was honoured and touched when the wonderful Leanda from LeandaMichelle, emailed me to see if I would like to join in with a Blog Hop. 
Where bloggers and writers are revealing exactly what it is that compels them to write. 

Leanda’s philosophy and what she is currently writing a book on is ‘Write to Heal‘ . I think perhaps this is what drives many of us to write. 

As part of this blog hop we must answer a set of questions.

So here are mine

1. Why I write

I write because of who I am, because of the person I have become. I write because of the words hidden inside waiting for their lead role. I write because my hand tells me to pick up the pen. I write because my mind needs to create, to release and to find perspective. It is a relaxing feeling which allows my pen to run along the smooth paper. Most of the time I have no idea what words will appear  but when they do, it feels great. 

It feels addictive. 

Writing is something I have always done. There are times in my life that I think I may have forgotten this. I have been caught up in living rather than reflecting. It was really in the midst of my Post Natal Depression that I rediscovered this connection I had to writing. It helped me gain clarity amongst the fog. However, now that my mind is clear, writing has become even more enjoyable.  
I hope this feeling remains. 

2. What am I working on

To be honest I feel like a bit of a fraud answering this question. I am not a professional writer. I am working on the every day. Writing about the jewels amongst the laundry while weathering the storms in between the squashy cuddles. Nothing is perfect. I have many people in my life who I know can write. Currently I am working on encouraging others to write also, by offering my blog as a platform one  Sunday a month ‘Your Story Sunday’. I am also working on a guest post for Eva from MultitaskingMummy. What I really am working on is continuing to grow in my own writing and connecting to others.

3. How does my writing differ from others in its genre?

Do I have a ‘genre’? I hate the term ‘Mummy Blogger’, as it is normally used with cynical and negative connotations. Like what a mother has to say should not be taken seriously. In saying that, yes I am a mother, a mummy, a mommy, and I have become a blogger. I also have a career and I have lived a full life. The bloggers I follow are also mothers but they are talented story tellers, this is a gift to be celebrated. Therefore I would be honoured to be placed in a genre with them be that personal or parenting. However, I mostly blog about myself, about my observations on life. While I share snippets of my daily life I am not really into sharing all the nitty gritty details of every single day. 

4.Why do I write what I do

For me of course it is easy to write the posts that I do. I write about my own experiences. I guess I am journaling. However it is wonderful to be able to write in a way that others can also identify with. 

I write to record,  to connect, to learn and to grow – most importantly to grow. 

5. How does my writing process work

My camera is broken. I have been missing it dearly. I generally take photographs throughout my week. These pictures then prompt the words and stories. I am searching for that first line. The story cannot begin until the first line is right. It can come to me while driving to work, or while cooking dinner. I have to write that first line down before it is pushed out of the way by the mundane. Once the first line is written then the story is waiting to be told. 

I have a few notebooks. I have one in my work bag. If I have an idea at work I quickly scribble it down. At home I have a story book. This book is where I write all my stories some become ‘posts’. I usually get lazy and leave my book lying about the kitchen thinking I will get five minutes….. As I am clearing the table from lunch or dinner I see it there waiting for me. A feeling of comfort and excitement comes over me. I so desperately want to open it up and dive in amongst the pages with my pen. 

I write this way, the old fashioned way, to reduce my time staring at a computer screen. The typing then begins and I edit as the words are entered into my blog. I then read out loud late at night while all my boys sleep. I also have a Grammar Guard by the name of my Mum. An Austen fan from way back my Mum sometimes cannot help but correct my many grammatical errors. 

I think you can spend a great deal of time editing and perfecting your blog. 
However, that is the beauty of a blog. It is a fluid changing entity moving with your moods. 

Now to Hop this little blog questionnaire along.

I have chosen two brilliant bloggers.

The gorgeous Serene from Living Serenely. Serene writes with love. She is passionate about children and nurturing their incredible imaginations. 
Serene is also not afraid to write honestly allowing you to feel at home in her contemporary space. I love how Serene can make the simplest of ideas become so beautiful.

I have also asked the gorgeous Tegan from Musings of the Misguided. Tegan is a talented writer and an amazing and brave advocate for Mental Illness. She writes with the raw honesty of only someone who knows. Tegan has a great knack of interpreting the wrongs that can be hidden in the attention grabbing headlines of our mainstream media.  She is also a great storyteller with a talent for fiction.

So over to you fellow bloggers.

I look forward to reading about your writing process.

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