Your Story Sunday-Leanda Michelle

This post is the first in a series of posts for the next month written by a different guest on my blog. 

I have given a prompt for the series

It was “Birthdays”.

This week will be my birthday and my first born’s birthday.

July is a month of Birthdays for me with many family members celebrating. 
The only difference these days is I now have a winter Birthday rather than a Summer Birthday. 

I was delighted to receive the following words from my Blogging friend Leanda. I felt like they were a gift especially for me. I am sure you too will find the gift amongst Leanda’s wise words. 

For me, another birthday means the beginning of a new cycle—an investigation into what’s in store for the year. This is so I can embrace the qualities of the year with the focus on reaching my full potential. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m talking about numerology.

This year 2014 is the year of the horse in the Chinese tradition and when you add up the individual numbers 2+0+1+4 = 7. Seven is a year for learning, planning and preparation amongst other things.
This year for me is a three and is about travel, watching my health, creativity, communication and more. 

What does this year hold for you? As I’m not expert in this field I’ll pass you over to an authentic site I can vouch for to check your numerology on the day you were born
Birthdays can mean a myriad of things—feeling loved by family and friends, celebrating, receiving gifts. Unfortunately birthdays can also be reminders of unhappy events, traumatic occasions, grief and loss. One thing birthdays have in common for us all is it signifies our entry into this material world—to learn and to grow.

I used to love birthdays—I loved planning the event, taking a houseboat trip on the river in South Australia, going to the theatre, a movie, or inviting friends over to share in a meal. In preparation there was the excitement of anticipation, the flurry of creativity and ideas. This was followed by the execution of a successful occasion. Although this was not always the case, we can’t control everything!

I still love planning events, just not birthdays. When I contemplate this, I feel as we grow older the emphasis is in favour of our children’s birthdays more than our own. What becomes important though is honouring self on your birthday—treating self to something special, maybe something you’ve not done before, or indulge in your favourite pastime. Don’t wait for others to acknowledge your birthday, embrace you and all that you are, yourself!
I felt inspired to write an ABC poem about the word ‘birthday’… if you wrote one what would your words be?

Be your authentic self
Invest in contemplation
Release your past with love
Thank your intuition for guiding you safely
Honour all aspects of self
Dedicate time to Write to Heal
Allow forgiveness into your heart
You’re doing great!

©Leanda Michelle

The next series of  ‘Your Story Sunday‘ will be on Sunday the 3rd of August.
The prompt will be ‘Write about a time when you knew your life was on the right track
This is open to Bloggers and non bloggers (you can remain anonymous if you wish)
Submit your post to me by Friday the 1st of August 2014.
For bloggers I will have a link open that you can add your own blog post too. 
Non bloggers you can again be featured on my blog. 
Happy writing !!! 
Don’t forget to visit again next Sunday for more ‘Your Story Sunday’ Birthday Stories

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