Stopping to Smell the Roses.

Most of the arguments Daddy Kangaroo and I have, are over him not stopping to smell the roses.

I continually have to remind him that he must be grateful for what he has.
That he should not waste his life away wishing he could be somewhere else.

It’s like my drive to work in the mornings. It is a beautiful drive along the stunning WA Coast.
I see people out jogging and running, drinking coffee at the beach side cafe’s and enjoying the WA outdoor lifestyle.

However I am always wishing I was the one jogging, the one watching the woman drive to work for the day.

But when I am there, when I am pounding that pavement. Am I really aware?

Am I really remembering that someone else could be looking and wishing they were me?

It is something that is important to mindful and appreciative of.

This weekend was the first in quite a while that we were able to get out and about as a family.
We have had weeks and weeks of sickness making us housebound.

It was really wonderful to just hang out as a family and enjoy each other’s company.
If I think about it there has not been many times over the last year or so that we have all just been happy and content.
With me battling through PND we never really had a chance to just do simple things as a family of four.

On Saturday we ventured into our beloved Fremantle to wander the streets and enjoy the market atmosphere.

We were serenaded by two Italian gentleman with an infectious “cupiditas vitae”.

Sunday was a stormy day and I hung out in my pyjamas with the boys. we were watching the torrential rain and pounding winds out our front window.
An air or excitement and awe surrounded us as we marveled at the power of our beautiful mother nature.

Just when the winds began to calm the cabin fever was reaching a peak. The boys and I ventured out for a walk, they were all snuggled up under the buggy rain cover.
We enjoyed the stormy clouds, the rainy smells and the excited birds catching big fat juicy worms.

We returned to the smell of a roast dinner. While setting the table I began to feel quite festive.
I have written before how I find this time of year confusing.
With the cooler weather I expect Christmas to be around the corner.
I lit a candle and said “maybe we should get some crackers out”?

We had an impromptu ‘Christmas in July’.

We laughed at the cheesy cracker jokes. Mr EP was grinning from ear to ear at the excitement of wearing the paper hats and collecting the crappy plastic prizes. He imagined it was snowing outside and Lil C loved the loud cracks around the table. Daddy Cool even broke out into a funky eighties arm crossing dance move that made me spit out my dinner with laughter.

We then played chase around the house. EP was the wolf and I was the sheep.
We ran amongst the meadows, jumping over beds and hiding in corners.

Not much money was spent, not much planning was required.
We were happy to just go with the flow, follow along and ride this stormy July wave.

                                                 This life is another man’s dream.

Do you get envy of the walkers and runners and the cafe dwellers while on your way to work?
When you are the walker, runner and cafe dweller do you remember to stop and smell the roses? 

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