Be Kind to You.

I thought it was dead.

Its white ceramic pot had been knocked from the table.
The stem broke and the soil spilled out all over the kitchen floor.
I scooped the soil up and put it back into the pot. I picked up the broken plant and brought it outside to the compost. 
I carried the pot now only housing a lonely broken stem and placed it on a shelf in the laundry. 
I would get back to it.
Weeks passed. 
The soil was dry. 
I kept thinking I must do something with that pot. 
Throw it out. 
Replace the broken plant.
One day I was passing loaded with washing on my way out to the line. 
A tiny single bright green leaf caught my eye. It was all curled up not yet ready for the world.
“Wow”. Its come back to life. It needed some time alone in the quiet. Every single molecule of this plants energy was now conserved for this one tiny curled up leaf. The plants only life line, from here it could now bloom again.
I moved the pot back to the kitchen windowsill. 
The sun’s rays would nurture this solo green leaf.
Ten, twenty more leaves now carry this plant to its highest point. Increasing the surface area for energy absorption. 
I wet the soil ensuring this plant can reach its full potential. 
It now grows stronger every day its leaves stretching as far as they can reach to capture the golden rays. 
Converting carbon dioxide into sweet energy sustaining sugars.
If we do not take the time to nurture ourselves we simply cannot reach our full potential. 
Mental health maintenance is not just for those whom have been diagnosed with a mental health illness. 
We all have a mind.
We take supplements for our body, we exercise and we eat the newest super foods. 
What do you do for your mind?
I have learned the hard way.
I now go slow. I take a nap if ever the opportunity arrises. Yes there are so many other things I could be doing. 
The list is endless. There is so much that needs to be done. 
I now know I must go slow throughout the day. 
While making sure the essentials are taken care of but also taking care of you.
Be selfish.
Selfish has unfortunately evolved into a negative word. 
However if we are not selfish at times who else is going to be.???
Do not feel guilty. Think of the plant and its nice new green shoot.
My task for you and for me.
Each week do 4 self nurturing things for you. 
Then watch the leaves grow, see how far they can stretch.
Go for a walk alone.
Take photographs of nature.
Take a bath.
Spend time with a good friend.
Feel every single drop of water as it lands on your bare back in the shower.
Write some words, any words.
Colour in small pictures with thick crayons.
Go to bed early with a good book.
Just 4 of your favourite things each week. 
It is harder than it sounds but benefits will continue to grow from you to your family and friends. 
I am off to bed to read Tim Winton.
Happy Tuesday.
Blogging with Essentialy Jess IBOT today.

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