If You Did’nt Laugh You Would Cry

It all started at about 5:45am.

A little voice next door was letting us know it was time to rise and shine into the pitch black.

I dragged myself out of my cosy bed and put my baby spew covered pink toweling robe on.
My hair was styled in a fab 80’s back combed quiff.

It was a work day so I thought I may as well get up and get organised. I had so much to do that day.

So instead I lay on the couch and let little C roam around the messy living room.

There was still toys scattered everywhere from the night before when we were too tired and lazy to pick them up. Facebook was begininng to suck me in as I was catching up on the goss. Oblivious to the wandering Tombliboo climbing up on the kitchen counter. That was until I heard a smack and then a brief silence….

Followed by a WAAAAAAAAAA. I of course dropped my phone. I ran into the kitchen to grab my precious bundle from lying flat on his face on the floor.

There were tears, cuddles and kisses and then he began to get sleepy…..

Mr Kangaroo had joined us at this point due to all the noise and proceeded to get me worried.
 “Why is he sleeping” ???
He lay in our arms for a while. I tried to talk to him and get him smiling.

It turned out he was not concussed he was just still tired, what with getting up at 5:30am!!

While waiting for his older brother to wake we had breakfast and gathered all the bags for our day ahead.

Big brother EP then decides to have a little sleep in for himself. Pity he could not do that on a Saturday. It was 8 am before he woke to tell me he is sick. AGHHH I have this dilemma most weeks.
Is he sick isn’t he? Can I send him to daycare? How can I possibly take any more time off work?????

I eventually get him moving and decide he is fit for daycare however now he is refusing to get dressed………

Ten am I make it to work. It is a 30 minute drive.

It took me 4 hours to get it together and be sitting at my desk!

Then there was all the work I needed to get done. It was my last working day for the week.

I had an urgent report to complete. Of course Murphy’s law I end up making a huge mistake.
A mistake that would set us back another day and with the potential to put us out of commission for a few days. Not to mention the fact that the report needed results ASAP.

I am going through my work with a more senior colleague. At first she laughs at me, at the gravity of the mistake I thought I had made. You should have come to me……

We sit at her desk and she goes through my report. We are discussing the results. I lean over her desk to point something out and crash…….

I knock over her lunch!! Splat there it lays on the floor beneath our feet.

It is 3:30pm in the day. She had been working hard all day and had not had a chance to eat her lunch before this. “Well there goes my lunch” she remarks through gritted teeth.

Ground swallow me up now please !!!!

The following day, on my day off. My baby boy spews all over me and my other boy jumps off the couch and lands on a chopstick that was lying on the floor.
Why was there a chopstick on the floor?
One year olds and their love of emptying all the contents of the kitchen cupboards

I am in the kitchen getting a snack for the starving children for the fourth time that morning and I hear a cry from the living room.
OHHH What has he done now. Then he appeared in the doorway doing what appeared to be a jig I thought maybe his Irish cousins may have taught him.

I had to pull the chopstick out of his leg!

He is fine and I may have laughed at little.

Incidentally everything is fine at work it has been sorted thanks to a wonderful friend and colleague. The misake I thought I had made was not as bad as the drama queen in me had lead me to believe.

I had a wine to celebrate.

Moral of the story do not check Facebook first thing in the morning !

This week I thought I would attempt and have a Laugh with Emily

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