My Real Name

Will the real Druimé please stand up?

I am here.
I have always been here.
I was afraid.
I was petrified.
I am SarahD I am Druimé I am she

She is me.
We are one and the same.
I was not hiding behind my words.
My words have never been more true.
It is a scary thing putting your thoughts, feelings and details about your life out there for all to read.
You worry about people from your past.
Your mind wanders and you imagine people in the country town where you grew up reading and laughing and taking the piss.
You wonder about people stalking you and finding your whole life there for their taking.
You want to protect yourself like you always have. Protect you and your families privacy.
Then you find a way to share without sharing it all. So you should not share it all.

Family is sacred and that should always remain.
Then you don’t give a shit.

Then you write your heart out.
Your confidence grows.
Then you become proud of what you are writing.
What you are writing is true and you do not care.
I have changed my name in case you were wondering. 
I am not a new blogger I am the same.
I am Druimé

I have just become brave.
I have become proud.
Thank you. 
Because it is IBOT with Essentially Jess.
How about you are your feeling brave?
Bloggers did you always blog under your real name??

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