Your Story Sunday -Life is a Journey.

Its “Your Story Sunday

Our last post for the theme of ‘Birthdays’.

I have for you beautiful words to share from an Anonymous reader.

Birthdays as we have learned from Leanda are a time when we should honour the individual.
We should not put all our expectations for “our day” on others. We need to grab this day on which our own individual light began to shine and be grateful.

Scattered amongst the words you will read below there is pain and struggle.
However there is so much hope, gratitude and wisdom.

I find them truly inspiring.

Birthday’s for me are a time of reflection, a time to acknowledge the passing of another year, a time to remark on how the months are flying by. 

Birthday’s are a time of great excitement and trepidation all at once.

Excitement at the realisation of the fact I care less about my critics. A time of fear at knowing with each year that passes my hopes of becoming a Momma are fading. 

Its a time when the guilt of feeling hard done by is both futile & ungrateful. 

Its a time to realise I have the chance to live which is a joy taken from many. 

So I stop, I breathe, I regroup, I put my dress on, dust on the sparkle & pour a glass of bubbles. 

I must remember that life is a journey not a destination. 

For every blip on the road there are many gentle bounces. 

I have a wonderful family, great friends & a never ending extended circle who have the ability to lift my spirits at the weariest of moments. 

Sadness is inevitable in this life but there are also moments of magnificent belly
bubbling, wondrous laughter & light that make the saddest times a little less dark. 

We move through a universe blessed with equal measures of light & dark on a journey dotted with candy floss paths. 

To birthdays – a time to reflect & be grateful for the chance to live this beautiful life …………………. 

Thank you for your gorgeous words Anonymous !

The next series of  ‘Your Story Sunday‘ will be on Sunday the 3rd of August.

The prompt will be ‘Write about a time when you knew your life was on the right track
A moment when you knew things were ok.
This is open to Bloggers and Non Bloggers (you can remain anonymous if you wish)
Submit your post to me by Friday the 1st of August 2014.
For bloggers I will have a link open that you can add your own blog post too. 
Non bloggers you can again be featured on my blog. 
Happy writing !!! 
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