Messy House Messy Mind

Things have been a bit shit lately.

I was finding work stressful and my home life chaotic.

I was beginning to be confused on which way was up.

We had a party for my little EP who turned 4 about three weeks ago.
It was only this weekend that I felt like I had caught up with the cleaning.

I am not exaggerating when I say in every room you could hardly see the floor with all the stuff strewn across it. Toys, clothes, books, children…. For weeks we had been stepping over this stuff hoping Mary Poppins might come for a visit.

I had pressure on at work and then I would come home to two little boys who wanted me and only me every second of the day.
I could not bare to attempt to tackle the mountains of mess.

I was walking around in circles not knowing where to start. It had begun to get to me. Yes I know the wise will tell you to embrace the mess. However, how long can you sustain living in a dump site before you start to loose your mind amongst the chaos?

I like things in boxes. I like lists and labels.

So I realised that when my house turns to chaos so does my mind. I loose my focus.

Yes yes we all have times when our house is a big mess. However I saw this mess that was staring me in the face for the last month as a symptom. I needed to stop. I needed to tell that dark shadow hovering around that there was no room for it here.
I could hear that big ‘black dog’ panting at my door again and it prompted me to put some tools in place to send him packing.

I woke up on Sunday. I was a woman on a mission. I was going to get my life back in order again. I spent the whole day washing, cleaning and re-organising.

Wow what a feeling that was.

With the clean house came a focused mind. I even had time to play chase with EP around the house before bed. I was energised and ready for the week ahead.

Tis a sad life I lead but damn it feels good to have a clean house after living in filth for a month.

How about you ?
Does your messy house affect your mind?
Its Tuesday so I am hanging with Jess @Essentially Jess

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