Uluru Was My Destiny

I lay atop the very warm rock.

The warmth enveloped me as a cool dessert breeze swept over.
I had my hood up and my tracksuit bottoms were keeping me warm and cosy. In true Australian fashion I was wearing the essential Australian safety shoes, my “thongs” on my feet. My body was grateful for the rest after the steep climb up. 
The sun had only been awake for a couple of hours. There were others scattered around doing their own thing admiring the stunning panoramic view of the vast Central Australian landscape. 
I was 24 and had been partying my way around South East Asia and now Australia. I was still a bit green around the gills. I had not done much travelling before. However I knew it was for me. 
The freedom I had been yearning.
I had left a job in a factory in Ireland. It was not that long ago that I had been  sitting at a manufacturing line putting tiny little components into circuit boards that were to be back up storage for computers. I had been ‘promoted’ to the top of the line along with two other girls.
The managers had noted how fast I was at putting those tiny electronic pieces into the green boards. 
I kept my mind sane by dreaming of dolphins, aqua blue water and white sandy beaches of Australia. I had to keep going in this job a little longer so I could escape.

I had made it.
Here I was on this magical rock in Central Australia. I began to drift off to sleep. I felt so warm and comfortable, so at peace. I felt as if it was just me in this red land, the serenity was deafening. I am not sure where my mind went. Perhaps it did not wander anywhere instead it was content to just be exactly where it was. Why?  I had no reason to want to be anywhere else. 
My body lay still, the strength from this ancient sandstone formation percolated through my veins. I am not sure how long I was gone. I awoke slowly and calmly. I find it hard to put into words how this rock made me feel. It is a feeling I still carry with me today.
I knew what I had to do. I rang my boyfriend that I had left behind. I told him that was it. I was free. I then knew I must return to study. I asked my mum to help sign me up as a mature student so I could return and finish my degree.
That little sleep ontop of that red rock was to give me a revelation about my future. It set me on a course that I knew was the only path I should be navigating. There were ups and downs however here I am almost 13 years later.  Living in Australia with two of my very own Aussie joey’s in my arms. I did return to Ireland to study for three years but my Aussie love and the land was calling me back.
I have never returned to Uluru. I do regret not talking a walk around the amazing formation. I regret that I became one of those white ants that the Aborigines speak of with distain. I regret I did not respect their culture. 
I have no pictures of this time to share with you. It was before the days of digital cameras. It also did not feel right to me to take someone else’s photo for this post as it was such a personal experience. I do have a photo album full of photos of that time and every time I go home to Ireland I always pick that album up and jump back into the outback.

Even though I may have disrespected the laws of the traditional owners of this land I do feel like their spirits in that mystical rock helped me that day.

There was truly something magical about Uluru.
Have you ever had such an experience where you just knew that this was the path you had to take.
If you would like to share your story I would be happy to publish it as part of my “Your Story Sunday” posts.

Just stopping and ‘being’ brings with it so much power.

Have you been to Uluru?
I will return some day.
Posting my story Sunday on Friday simply because I can and linking with Sonia@Love Life and Hiccups for the weekend rewind 

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