Switching off.

It’s too much

The information is everywhere.
It is too overwhelming.
The screens in our faces
The fingers blindly swiping.
The news, the bragging, the comparing, the best selfie and funniest ice bucket challenge, the best portrait of last nights dinner, the egos on full speed and even the gratitude, the mindfulness and the picture perfect wonderfulness.
It can all get a bit too much.
Your mind becomes swamped with information and ideas none of which are your own.
I think we live in a crazy world right now. It is fast moving and manic.
I have had 4 weeks away from it and I didn’t miss it. 
I had moments where I thought Oh my goodness My blog what a crock of shit what have I been doing, its trying to take over my life, and for what??
While scrolling though Facebook I came across this piece and it summed up exactly how I had been feeling. 
“Using the Internet is a kind of consumption. We consume through the ideas, images and sounds we come in contact with, and they can be either healthy or toxic. People are often overwhelmed by sheer amount of information we receive online. And many of us may develop a real addiction to being online. We lose ourselves in this sea of information and are not present for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for nature. We delude ourselves by thinking that online we can connect with others, but in reality we only feel more and more alone. Mindfulness helps us be moderate in the time we spend online, and at the same time helps us to know if what we’re in contact with is beneficial, or whether it makes us feel even more loneliness and despair.”
– Thich Nhat Hanh, interviewed by an Italian journalist
I contemplated not continuing with this blogging venture and just getting on with my life.
Then the hum drum became louder and I felt a creative itch that was begging to be scratched.
I see so many bloggers putting in so much effort continually posting throughout the day on Facebook. I cant keep up. It is not my style I am more of a snail pace kind of chick.
I don’t get caught up in the numbers or the readers stats. I’m like a broken record I know. I guess I secretly keep asking myself why cant I be like them………………………………
However that is the point, a personal blog is about you being you and remaining true to yourself. Otherwise your words will have no strength. It is ignoring the streams of information influencing your thoughts. Closing your eyes and just being you. Its harder than we think as often Mrs Doubt comes a knocking. 
So I am easing myself back. I badly need to find a balance between living a real life and a virtual one, but I know that I would always wonder where my snippets and spirits had gone if I switched off. 
I have just returned from Ireland where our days were spent full of love, fresh air and beautiful mountains to cleanse the soul. I am yet to unpack or look at my photographs but I am looking forward to remembering it all.
So tell me how do you stay true to you?
Bloggers how do you do it? How do you maintain the pace without becoming overwhelmed? 

Blogging a bit late today with the Lovely Jess for IBOT

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