A Holiday Creates Change



Shake the dreams for your hair
My pretty child, my sweet one.
Choose the day and choose the sign of your day,
The days divinity, first thing you see.

Jim Morrison

I have loved his lyrics since I was a teenager trying to find my way in the world. In my long hippy skirts and my beloved purple doc martens. I would get lost in the music while “making tapes” in my bedroom. Life was all about the music then. Discovering The Doors, Led Zepplin and The Eagles like they were brand new. Dreaming of being alive back when Jim was lighting everyone’s fire!

As soon as I saw Zanni’s prompt for “Sunshine Sunday“, those lyrics came into my mind.
Jim’s words have a way of creeping into your soul. He writes about life and death and how we should be dancing in between.

“Shake the dreams from you hair”

As you may know the last year or so has been a tough one for my little family. My Dad suffered a stroke in May last year and then I was battling Post Natal Depression.

These events put a huge amount of stress on our little family. More that I think we even realised.
Mr kangaroo and I were barley holding it together. The days were melting into one big blur of crap rising up all around us.
We were on breaking point.
He was angry, I was tired, the boys were whiny.

Then we escaped to the mountains.

We flew with the boys to Ireland to see my family. So I could see with my own eyes how my Dad was doing, and allow all the little cousins to play together like one giant red-headed hobbit clan.

The trip did not come without it’s stresses, which naturally goes when family’s come together. However there were many beautiful moments that mended the cracks in the hearts of all us visiting Aussie’s

EP(4) was so at home in my Mum and Dad’s. We had spent 3 months there last year so he was so familiar with everything and he loved spending time in “his bedroom” and playing with his cousins. The boys do not have any cousins in Australia.
Little C (18mth) took a while to come round between having a nose like a tap and aching gums. However before we left he was cuddling his Mamó(Grandmother) and pulling the cupboards apart.

As for me, all I wanted was the walks in the country air, and walk I did.
In the cow poo while eating freshly picked blackberries.

We fit quite a lot into our three weeks. Alas no time is ever enough when I go home to my family.

We flew back home to Perth with plans. Plans of how we would get our lives back in order. How we would start enjoying life again.

So you might be surprised to hear, it was not just all talk.

Before we left for our holiday we spent about 4 days cleaning our house from top to bottom. It had not been done properly in over a year. We knew that when we returned we wanted to walk into a spotless house.

Something has changed however.

The energy has changed.

For the better.

I think that clean followed by a holiday was the best thing we could have done. We feel refreshed.
Mr Kangaroo and I gave each other some home truth’s while we were away. Truth’s that we both took to heart.

There is a cricket living somewhere in the kitchen now. He chirps from his hidden corner. His song brings good luck, a sign that the energy has now become positive.

While away we became stronger and more able to put changes in place. I was spending too much time on Facebook. I have now deleted it from my phone and it is wonderful without it. I signed up for Kelly Exeter’s free weekly tips and with my submission came 10 tips to get me on my way to a “Life Less Frantic“. The “10 minute tidy up before bed”. We used to go to bed and leave a mess then go to work the next morning and then come home to a bigger mess. Now we both make a concerted effort to have the house looking good before we retire to our slumber.

It has made a huge difference to our peace of mind as a family. It has given us time to go for walks in the evening with the boys instead of always trying to catch up.

The little changes really do make for big changes.

Long may they continue.

So now I feel awake.

I am shaking the dreams from my hair and I am grabbing hold of them.

My Dad is a walking miracle. He is doing amazing. To look at him you would never know what he has been through. His big bear hugs have returned. He still needs to take care of himself and rest, but with rest comes a lust for life.

Do you feel refreshed after a holiday?
Did you “make tapes” when you were a teenager?
You can see more photos of our trip to Ireland here

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