An Ordinary Life

Sometimes it is nice just to write about the normal stuff.

We humans are nosy by nature. I guess that is why Facebook and Instagram have proven so popular.
We enjoy seeing how others live their ordinary lives.

I normally join in on IBOT with Jess i.e. blog on a Tuesday. This week I did not.

I tried to write. I sat down with my book and laptop but my heart was not in it.

You see I wait for my heart to inspire me.

At night in our house over the last few weeks the silence has been smashed with my repetitive hacking cough cough coughing. As a result during the day I have been a walking zombie trying to go to work and battle to get two boys out the door in the mornings.

The boys themselves have also each week taken it in turns on who was going to be sick.

Over the last 9 months or so since I have returned to work. I can pretty much say that every second Thursday today included, we take a trip to the doctor. A snotty nosed boy in tow followed by his brother that no doubt is stirring and simmering his viral pot for the following week.

I have not been grocery shopping in about three weeks.

It has been porridge for breakfast every day sometimes with water as we have run out of milk. This was not because we cannot afford anything more luxurious. It was simply because by the time the evening rolls in we crash. Exhausted from the juggle, we ignore all the stuff that needs to be done.

Beans, porridge, eggs. Nothing gourmet here. Whatever we can get on the table that evening.

Meanwhile the stuff, the mess piles up around us.

I only work part time. Three days a week but it is enough. I honestly do not know how you women working full time do it.

Last weekend I did some gardening. What!!

I know. The whole time I was raking and pulling weeds I kept thinking how I had never really worked in a garden before. I was pondering on how I instinctively knew what to do. How working with the earth comes naturally to us. It truly is a soul nurturing process.

All the while however, the household chores build up again.

How is it possible to do it all?

I do not think it is possible. Something has got to give.

So if that for me is the boring food, piles of laundry and a messy house. Well so be it.

Amongst it all we have been enjoying each others company.

Mr Kangaroo has managed to get me hooked on watching Big Brother !

As much as I love to hate it the people in it seem actually lovely . I cannot get over their confidence.
I envy confidence in such young minds. I say good on them.

When I come home from a hectic day at work to put the boys to bed. Try and scrape a meal of beans on toast together. I have come to look forward to sitting on the floor with Mr Kangaroo eating our gourmet meal while getting sucked into watching these people happily imprisoned in a crazy house.

How is your ordinary life going??

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