Comfort Zones and Mystery Case

I have never been one to join groups or be the centre of attention. I always prefer to take cover in the invisible comfortable space I have created around myself.
Never really putting myself out there just sticking to the the bare minimum I can get away with.
I used to have to work myself up to confront anyone or even just to make phone calls.

Fortunately age brings with it new experiences that require a more confident version of Druime and less regard for what others think or me. That said my natural reaction is to stay within the safety zone I worked so hard to create all those years ago as a child.

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?

While catching up on some blog reading recently. I came across a post by Agent Mystery Case. Mystery Case is a Perth blogger who always seems to know what is going on. She does review’s, giveaway’s while also sharing snippets of her life behind the scenes as a busy working woman and mother of three girls.

Ms Mystery Case was looking for a plus one to come along with her to a book launch evening.
A book by a very successful style blogger Nikki from Styling You  whom has published a book on helping women “Unlock Your Style” based on her experience of working with women from all shapes and sizes.

In a moment of abandon I left a comment on Mystery Case’s blog saying I would love to come along. I felt I needed to shake the mundane up a little.

Yay Mystery case chose me.

What was I going to wear to a event all about style?? Most of the clothes I own these days are pre babies and too small for me.

After a few outfit changes I decided black was the colour for me. A black plunge top. My boobs bursting out of it but as time was running out and choices were few it was a top I felt most comfortable in. A horizontal black and white striped pencil skirt and my favourite black open toed bubble shoes. The black skirt was bought on impulse almost two years ago when I was 7 months pregnant.

There I was all dressed up. After five days of being house bound with sick children it was amazing to jump on a train alone. Venture into the city that has grown and changed so much since the last time I stepped out of my comfort zone.

I knew Mystery Case was going to be late. I had only ever seen her picture on her blog so I was not entirely confident that I would even know her in person. However I waited in the hotel lobby for a while before going to the event.
There were many women waiting for their friends and a lovely woman called Stephanie introduced herself to me. I loved that she did this.

I ended up joining Stephanie and her friends upstairs for a drink during the book launch mingle time. They were intrigued by my story on how I came to be there that night.

Then I spotted my date for the night. The lovely Ms Mystery Case. I immediately felt comfortable with her. I enjoyed her presence. She has strong ideals, you can literally see her mind ticking over. She is bursting with ideas. It was inspiring to be around.

Throughout the night I met a few more bloggers from Perth. This was exciting for me as I had never spoken to anyone else who blogs in person. I did however feel way out of my depth. I am very much a person whom does their own thing. I blog when I feel like it. I share what I feel like. There is rarely an order or agenda, rhyme or reason to the stuff I write. It all follows along with the rhythm of my moods, emotions and feelings.

These women I was mixing with had ambitions, they had drive, confidence and a healthy level of competitiveness.

Despite the differences. I felt so good when I came home that night. I felt proud of myself for stepping out and going against what comes naturally to me.

We even shared a drink at the end of the night with the lovely Nikki herself and some of her blog followers.

It was an enjoyable night because I had no preconceptions, expectations or needs. I was just there to soak it all in, to observe and remember.

If I am completely honest the evening was not my normal style at all. However I believe that is what made it all the more enjoyable. Stepping out of my boring safe style allowed me to learn and grow while also confirming some things for me.

The highlight for me was meeting Mystery Case in person. She did not disappoint.
Comfort zones they can have a lot to answer for.
When did you last step out for yours ???

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