Hammock Time


He lays his small head on my shoulder. He is tired from his morning of roaming the house, pulling the kitchen cupboards apart.

I softly sing “Twinkle Twinkle baby Star”.
His breathing begins to slow. I close my eyes and savour his deliciousness. I lay him down in his cot. He looks up at me with sleepy eyes and grabs his beloved “blue dog” from my hands. He gently puts the dog’s chewed up ear into his mouth and sucks as he dozes off on his afternoon nap.

I sneak out his door and head straight to the kitchen pantry. It is mid afternoon and the sun’s rays are streaming through the window. I reach up to the top shelf and grab a small chocolate bar from the hidden supply.

I quietly creep out the front door.

He lays there waiting for me.

He is flicking through the books he has chosen for us to read. “Do you have the chocolate”? He asks excitedly

“Of course” I reply with a smile.

I take my shoes off  and tumble awkwardly into our swaying resting place. I pull my little companion in beside me and we giggle with contentedness. We swing between a very large frangipani tree and the shade of a bushy dark green tree.

The doors and windows of the house are open so that we can hear the little chick if he needs us.

“Where is the chocolate” he anxiously asks me this time. I reach into the side pocket of the hammock. The wrapper crinkles as I grab the chocolate and rip it open. I take a small piece for myself and pass the rest to the small outstretched hand.

This is the best thing in the world to him. Time alone with Mum and a treat of chocolate to top it off. We read Noddy. My eyes begin to close as Noddy drives around toyland with Tessie Bear in the passenger seat. The book falls on my face. “Mummyyyyyy” I read a few more pages. Then I hear it.

His breathing becoming slower more relaxed. I know if I can possible stay awake for a couple more pages he will be asleep too.


I put the book down and reach out to the tree pushing the hammock gently. We sway in and out of the shade. I am in heaven. The peace, the warmth, the silence. Twittering birds, cricketing crickets and an hour of peaceful sleeping children.


I close my eyes and drift………. These little moments precious and few………………………………….

What little moments do you take take for your self?
Blogging with Jess for IBOT

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