Taking Stock November 2014

So as you know I love Blogging.

However I would like to become better at it. I need to learn about planning, scheduling, writing and some of the annoying techy and statistical stuff.

So I am currently in week three of a four week blogging course.

I am learning the ropes with the gorgeous extremely successful and ever so supportive blogger Pip.
Pip’s blogging course is called :”Blog with Pip“. Pip lives at “Meet Me at Mikes” her colourful and creative space. Pip has created a really amazing and very connected community around her Blogging courses. I am so delighted that I have signed up for this course and would recommend it to anyone whom is thinking about wanting to know more about blogging.

Pip has inspired many before me to “take stock“.

To sit down and think about what you are doing, thinking and wanting right now at this very moment. So I have decided to take stock for November . I know I am two days late but does it really matter?

Making: Origami flowers and failing, I am finding it very difficult.
Cooking: Spinach and ricotta cannelloni but then I discovered we had no cannelloni so it turned into a lasagna. The boys thought it was disgusting and little C who loves food threw most of it on the floor.
Drinking: Water, always water I love it.
Reading: The Untethered Soul. About telling that inner voice that never shuts up to be silent. Learning how to ignore this companion intent on dragging you down
Wanting: more time to ceate, write, photograph.
Looking: At the sunshine out the kitchen window and the frame of a very large unfinished cubby house.
Playing: Making angels out of popsticks, pom pom’s, crayons and imagination with my creative boy who never stops talking.
Deciding: How I am going to organise this old blog of mine.
Wishing: for a peaceful holiday.
Enjoying: Taking daily photographs and cuddles from the boys.
Waiting:  For time off work.
Liking: The beautiful flowers on my kitchen table that I bought for myself.
Wondering: If I am going to get my proverbial together for Christmas
Loving: Quiet time
Pondering: Why we all have hangups? Why are we apparently all so imperfect? Why inside most of us the default state of reaction needs to be reset to a place of greater self worth?
Considering: Getting my act together to start exercising regularly again……………………………….
Watching: Hoping: That my boys will stop catching viruses, colds, germs every week.
Marveling: At the Indian Ocean and the Big Australian Sky
Needing: A holiday
Smelling: An unclean kitchen
Wearing: Exercise leggings and fluoro T-Shirt I actually did quite a bit of walking today two heavy boys in a buggy with three almost flat tyres.
Following: My hearts Lead
Noticing: A messy house
Knowing: it does not really matter
Thinking: Lots. Too much always thinking. I need to channel all the thoughts and dreams and put them to good use.
Feeling: Pretty good, positive, looking to the future excited. Love is my filter and it really helps in daily life.
Admiring: My sisters, Their motivation and drive
Sorting: Clothes. A gigantic pile on a red lounge that keeps growing. It is clean at least but needs to be folded and put away. Two weeks now…….
Buying: Milk always milk. We need a cow.
Getting: Restless
Bookmarking: Christmas
Disliking: Casino giants being given tax breaks when hospitals and social care struggle.
Opening: My heart one day at a time
Giggling: At my Little C and how he took his football to bed to cuddle.
Feeling: More open
Snacking: Blueberry Muffin that my hips did not need. Ah Feck it !!!
Coveting: Stories within
Wishing: I had a chef then life would be perfect 🙂
Helping: Take care of the whole family
Hearing: The dishwasher no voices they are all in bed.

Taking Stock, it can be quite powerful. I felt all negative and tired when I started the list by the time I reached the end and I saw the true reflection of the month behind me and I began to feel better.

That was me November 2013 Taking Stock in my own way.
However this year I no longer feel I need to escape to take stock

Perhaps you could try it too?

Thank you Pip!!!
Blogging with Jess @EssentiallyJess for IBOT

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