14 Life Lessons From 2014

Hello how are you?
I have been a bit distant in the last few weeks. 
Truth be told I was taking care of myself.
I was going to bed early, I was taking time off work. I have been enjoying life and making many discoveries. 

The cool thing about blogging is you can look back on your year and read back on at all the ups and downs you endured. 
So for my final post in December I am looking back on my life lessons from 2014 . 

It has been a big one. Full of personal growth. My blog has really evolved into a place where I record my life lessons as safe keeping for times of doubt. 

Perhaps my Life lessons can help you also.We are all just feeling our way through this Life so why not wobble together.  

1. Life is not always what you expect.
This is a big lesson. I guess one that I keep having to learn over and over. We have ideas in our head of what we want in life. We create elaborate pictures of how we want things to turn out. When the reality is not exactly what it says on your self designed tin you become disappointed. We easily fall into a trap of allowing our expectations to be too high and then we stumble big time when they fail. It is OK though because you must believe your life has purpose regardless of your expectations. 

2. Love yourself today not tomorrow.
This time last year I was looking back at old photos of myself thinking “I was not all that bad”. If I had only realised it back then. That is just it though it is imperative you love yourself today because tomorrow you will be looking back thinking she was OK!! This lesson honestly has helped me this year. I have more weight on me then I have ever before. I am older looking and although I dread the mumsy look I think it is inevitable when you are a mum. That said I am more comfortable in my chubbier skin. Clothes fit me better my face is fuller. Its does not really matter. It is so cliche but you really do have to love yourself from the inside out. That is what takes time but it is worth it when you get there. I am not quite there yet but it is within my grasp. 

3. Write from the heart.
For the writers among you it is so precious and beautiful when you write from the raw unedited heart. Nobody can ever say you are wrong if you do this.

4. Continue
When you are feeling shit it will be shit. However you must continue. This year I found a beautiful delicate leaf skeleton.  It made me think about how there truly is beauty in everything. I decided that day to Love, Laugh, Believe and Continue. 

5. A word for the year that was 2014
I wrote a story some of it fiction some of it not. However the lesson at the end was prompting me to choose a word to start my new year. My word was” believe”. This word has stayed true to me until this day. It has brought with it much power, solace and hope. I am still pondering what my word for 2015 will be, any ideas? Perhaps you would like to chose a word to live by also. 

6. A lesson for new mum from me.
Listen to the music. Please please do not listen to the “you are spoiling them” statements. Hold their tiny bodies close to your comforting heart and please dance among the mess. Newborns need your arms not a tidy house. 

7. Facebook 
Do not judge a person by their Facebook cover. I learnt to leave my phone in another room while I sleep and not get sucked into the vortex of Facebook.

8. Animals know
Earlier this year I met a baby kangaroo she reminded me that I was a good mother. Her silent affection was so much more powerful than words. Animals can really heal your broken soul. 

9. You have know idea how strong you can be 
I have a default tendency to be too hard on myself. However with my recovery from a disgusting Post Natal depression. I feel proud at my inner strength and determination. With the right help and a want to  get better you will get there. There will be many more ups and downs but you will eventually reach a point where you feel good most of the time. Believe!

10. The value of sleep and rest.
A huge lesson I have learnt this year is listen to my body. Yes the washing needs to be hung out and the dinner needs to be prepared, I would like to sit down and blog my heart out or even read a book. However is that what you really need? I now take a rest I lay on the couch I power nap any chance I get and it really has done me the world of good. Throw away the guilt and give yourself a break. 

Go for a walk alone.Take photographs of nature.Take a bath. Spend time with a good friend. Feel every single drop of water as it lands on your bare back in the shower. Write some words, any words. Draw. Colour in between the lines….or not. Go to bed early with a good book.

Instead of reacting in the heat of the moment. Allow your worries to wash over you. Objectify them. Separate them from your feeling. Sit alongside your worry and talk to it tell it to go away don’t allow it to take you on a ride. You are in control. This is powerful when you get the hang of it.  This is what my worry looks like. I picture him to be like Mr Messy.

Who were you before you were born, before your environment changed you.?
Discover your true essence of being, to be on the road to love and success. I discovered I was empathetic and imaginative. Conflict saps me of my energy as I absorb other peoples’ worries. If I am unable to use my imagination I loose my sense of identity. 

14. Spend time in a Hammock

Sway in and out of the shade in a hammock. Close your eyes savour the peace, the warmth the sounds of nature. Twittering birds, cricketing crickets and your slow and contented breath. 

Thank you. Thank you for reading my words. Thank you so much for you support in my little space.

Next year I have a plan.

After doing my Blog with Pip Course I attend to tackle my blogging a bit differently

I will blog twice a week.
I will plan ahead.
I want to return the love to you so if you have anything you would like me to say please let me know. 

I will be coming back with juicy stories from my past. I will come back with tales and lessons from my present.

I am here for another year at least. 

For new years I will be looking back at my year in 12 pictures as I did for 2013. Selecting 12 photos’s only. Pictures that tell my years story. I will also decide on my word for the year. Maybe you would like to join me in selecting 12 pictures for your year 2014 and choosing a word of your own.

2014 certainly has been a year for major wake up and smell the roses type lessons. It has been a hard one however I end it feeling positive and strong so strong.

Happy Christmas and Love to you all x

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