Love-My word for 2015


It is such a huge word.

Pages upon pages can be written about this small four letter word and still its true meaning may never be captured.

However Love is the word I have chosen to live by this year.

Choosing a word rather than a resolution makes sense to me.  It is so much easier to choose a word that is powerful and has meaning for you and your personal growth than a resolution that will be forgotten by Monday.

Last year my word was Believe. 

Choosing this word for me at the time when I was finding it hard to believe things would get better turned out to be one of the best things I could have done. It stood by me when I learnt how to run and would feel like passing out before I made it to the top of the hill. It stood by me when I was stressed out at work and felt like I wanted to give it all up. It stood by me when I felt the shadow of depression lingering in the dark corners waiting for its chance to return.  This word, its strength and sense of hope stuck by me for the whole year. It would pop into my head when I wanted to give up. Belief began to spread from the tips of my toes right up to the place where it mattered, my heart.

The word Believe has now taken me by the hand and led me forward to one of my favourite words Love.

Love is a word that sometimes can become diluted by mush. By commercialism and crappy valentines cards.
We can sometimes forget to stop and think about its true meaning.

Love is not only a way of expressing our feelings to those close to us, it is a way of life. Love is a filter.

Choosing to live by the word love opens up a whole new world for you and those around you.

Love can exhibit the properties of a powerful virus. It can spread easily, it can re-programme and redesign your body at the molecular level.

Without love children cannot reach their full potential.

With the right amount of love in a child’s life their IQ can increase exponentially compared to those whom are neglected. Love is the fuel of the white matter in the brain. In a child between the ages of zero and five acts of love are critical to their development. Straight from the womb infants are hardwired to love.  I think we sometimes forget this. At times of self doubt as a parent I question myself. Am I too loving towards my boys do I spoil them with my love?

How could this be possible when love is critical to their wellbeing as a human? It is unfathomable when you stop and think about it. We are too judgemental in this western society about the power of love.

So this four letter word has crept into my every day. It has spread its tender fingers into my decision making and my judgement of people and situations. It has helped me work out what is important and what is not. The word Love has enabled me to step out of myself in times of stress and look at the big picture. Arguments with loved ones. Is is me or could it be them?

I am now more able to show compassion, put myself in others shoes and decide that I can let this go.

My models for this year are my children of course. Animals are the same.
Dogs give nothing but unconditional love what a quality to have!

So here is to 2015
What will your word for this year be?
Connecting my one word with the one words of others over at Maxabella loves. 

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