A Chat and a Cup of Tea

Hello how are you ?

I thought we would cruise into the new year of 2015 with a chat and a cup of tea

Only I don’t drink black tea, just peppermint. I don’t have any fancy tea cup’s and I rarely bake.
I also make terrible terrible tea. I know!  How hard is it?  But its like asking a teetotaler to make you an alcohol laden cocktail.
Just ask my friends. I will always ask them to make their own tea as I have no idea about the art of tea making.  I think I really must be from somewhere else because in Ireland it’s all about the tea. So shall I put the kettle on?

The Christmas period has been a fairly relaxing couple of weeks off. We mainly just stayed at home. The beach being the furthest we ventured. I had some days to myself before Christmas which I used to complete my Christmas shopping, read books and sleep. However I did’nt do as much relaxing as I should have.

Christmas Day was a nice relaxed affair. We celebrated with Mr Kangaroo’s Mum and Dad and some close friends for lunch.
I made my traditional vegetarian nut roast and it was surrounded by many different types of meat for the carnivores. We had yummy salads and my American friend made a really delicious pumpkin pie for dessert. The bubbles and wine were flowing and once the boys were safely asleep in bed the old CD’s were uncovered U2, Muse, the Doors, Groove Armada. Led Zepplin. Mr kangaroo and I along with our friends let our hair down in the man cave surrounded by tools, bikes and the essential man cave dart board. It was something which we have not done in a very long time.

We thought we were young and free. Talking shit until the wee hours.

Three days it took us to feel human again. There is a reason we don’t let the hair down often we are old and our kids are very young and full of energy.

In an effort to get back into some exercise I went for a run on Sunday. My first running venture in about six months. Instead of running  I have been eating sugar and lots of it. It’s really been fabulous.

However my clothes are telling me different. So I dug out my new running shoes that have been specially prescribed by a podiatrist. They cost me a ridiculous amount of money back for that brief moment when I was a “runner” I had only worn them twice, before the chocolate took over my mind.

Anyway, I ran on Sunday at about 8:30am. The heat was just starting to set in for the day. I was enjoying it when I first started.
I was thinking to myself this really is not that bad my body remembers what to do.
Then I remembered a picture I had seen on Facebook a while back and thought how true it is. When you run you think you look stunning. You imagine people watching you with envy. Wow look at that hot fit chick running how AAAMAZZZing is she ?

In reality I have turned a deep shade of purple.My face looks like it might spontaneously combust any moment. The sweat is pouring off me. I am breathing so deeply people look behind them startled by the noise.

But you know once I have had a shower and my face turns from purple to red I feel good. After just the first run you start to convince yourself that you have already dropped a few kilo’s. You think yeah I’m feeling fabulous. Then someone whom shall remain nameless asks  “Druimé have you put on weight or is it just your dress? !!!………

EHH…Either way I need to loose the dress as it obviously makes my ass look big ! But please don’t tell me because I already know!!!!!

So now reality is biting big time. Work is back on and life will once again return to a muddle of days and nights.

That said I am looking forward to a whole new year ahead.

Are you still awake !!
Thanks for the chat
Do call again
Bring your own teabags.

Do you think you look like a super model when you run?

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