My Hearts Meditation

It is only Week two of My Year of Love

Yet my strength of will and commitment to the philosophy of Love has been tested a number of times.

Finding the love means, when something hurts you, when someone insults you. 
It is not about blaming them,
it is about looking deep within and finding that seed of negativity. 
It is about uncoiling that knot and deciding why it is that you are hurt or angry or fearful. 
Why did that comment make you retract. Was it really that somewhere inside the truth punctured an old wound? 

Finding the Love also means stepping into another shoes whether they fit or not. Most will have a journey to take you on. A picture to show you with a view you may never have considered before.   

When I am thrown into a situation that pulls me places perhaps I would rather not go I must stop and breath.

Face each challenge with compassion, patience and Love. Yeah I know it sounds like a whole lot of shit. I am as cynical as the next person. But if you are looking for a peaceful life it starts with you. 

In situations where I am struggling I bring myself back to a place of peace, a place of calm, 
I see yellow, I breath Love and I hear laughter.

My eyes are closed
My breath is slow
I search for the place
Only my soul knows

Two tiny smiling brothers
One red haired, 
a fine brown down on the other.
Side by side on a concrete step.
A growing bond in their joined silhouette

Calming yellow my catalyst
My own heart an amulet
Harmony the binding coagulant

I see them through the window.
It is then that I know.
It is with their Love
On this journey I follow.

My eyes are closed 
My breath is slow
The place I must go
My mind now knows

A small spark
A yellow glow
Cracks on my hearts wall
Begin to show

Two small boys on a concrete step
My sacred heart no longer suppressed. 

Its a mediation of sorts. It is a centering of the emotions. Your are the one in control not that crazy inner voice that seems unable to be still.

                                                   Blogging with EssentiallyJess for #IBOT

How do you find the Love? 

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