Taking Stock January 2015

A new year.

New stock.

January has flown by in a haze of barbecues and back to work days. I struggle to remember the details. It is a month we promise the world we are going to change, exercise, eat healthy. However by the end of the month are we still on this new path?

I thought it would be great to “Take stock for January 2015” and see where I am sitting with this new year.

Taking stock with Pip from “Meet Me at Mike’s give it a go its fun.

Making: New stories
Cooking: Trying to use our food wisely economically in an effort to cut down on the waste. Using every last veggie before we buy more
Drinking: Still drinking water or I might splash out on red wine on a Saturday.
Reading: “To kill a Mocking Bird” required reading for a creative writing course I will be attending this weekend. I read it years ago of course in school but reading as an adult it is a different book and I am greatly enjoying it.
Wanting: Chocolate
Looking:  At my Kitchen Rules on TV. I enjoy this every year.
Playing: Lego building rockets today. Little EP tells me we can build together then he starts saying “no that’s wrong I don’t like that”. He always has a vision in mind of exactly how he wants his creations to look like. I love his conviction and so end up leaving him to it. I think he gets his visual design skills from his Dad.
Deciding: What to do for my day off tomorrow?
Wishing: I could get this house organised so I can write or blog or relax guilt free. We have a pile of clean clothes that have been sitting on our couch for about two weeks now they just need to be put away but they keep piling up.
Enjoying: Watching the boys grow and capturing beauty in every day with daily photos.
Waiting:  On my mum, sister and nephew to come visit from Ireland.
Liking: Not working this week as Mr EP started kindy and is only doing half days.
Wondering: Will I get my book read before the weekend?
Loving: The boys, their cheek, their cuddles, just being around them.
Pondering: My future at work.
Considering: Another job.
Hoping: Good health continues
Marveling: At a ladybird in the garden with little C.
Needing: Sleep
Smelling: Popcorn
Wearing: Denim short shorts and a loose purple T and my new glasses that make distance so much clearer.
Following: The rhythm of my soul
Noticing: A relaxed Mr Kangaroo
Knowing: things are good we must enjoy the moments
Thinking: Of writing and taking photographs.
Feeling: Good, full of love and wanting to show kindness everywhere.
Admiring: My Mr EP and his braveness today at starting in Kindergarten. He seemed so grown up and was taking it all in his stride. I felt very proud of the little man he is becoming.
Sorting: Photographs. I am enjoying my new weekly series of “Gratitude in Pictures” I know I will enjoy looking back when I can no longer remember.
Buying: Books and a skirt from a lovely Op Shop “Save the Children”
Getting: Organised slowly….
Bookmarking: More books to read.
Disliking: My lack of motivation when it comes to exercise.
Opening: More doors to enjoy life.
Giggling: At little C sitting on his plastic quad bike and then standing up and lifting his right leg up and then down fast and hard on the pedal. Imitating his Daddy starting his motorbike.
Feeling: Contented
Snacking: Popcorn
Coveting: Time
Wishing: For not much. I have all I need.
Helping: Two boys become good and kind people
Hearing: The air-conditioner, my typing and the TV.

For this months take stock I just cut and pasted the list from my last take stock into the post and re-wrote my answers. It was really insightful to look back and see my answers from last November 2014. This month I seem so much more positive and contented. Time does fly but i think we grow with it without even realising it. Although the couch of laundry is still there from November…….

Thank you for reading. I hope February is a good month for you !

Blogging with Essentially Jess for #IBOT Tuesday.

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