Am I a Good Parent?

I felt as if my heart was going to burst last week.

Burst with pride.

As parents we spend so much time repeating ourselves. 

“Be nice to your brother”

“Share your toys”

“No hitting”

I start to become sick of hearing the sound of my own voice. I often wonder if anything I am saying is actually sinking in. I know boys will be boys and they naturally have a more competitive and forceful nature. Boys like action, seeing things break and generally just enjoy throwing stuff around. 

I spend much of my time trying to add some female influence into the mix. 
Making them realise that their actions have consequences and if those consequences turn out to be hurting someone or damaging something then it is not acceptable.

As long as our boys grow up to be kind and compassionate people I think we will be happy.

So when you are given validation that all those lessons you must repeat time and time again are actually beginning to sink in! It is an amazing feeling. 

Mr EP and I arrived early for kindy one day last week. We decided to play on a huge climbing frame designed for the bigger kids. Even for adults it was pretty huge. A spiderweb of ropes to climb and two crows nests on a pole to climb up to and search for land as if on you are on your very own ship.

“Mummy will you climb too? ” My little man pleadingly asked. “I’m in a skirt its a bit hard’. I of course was dressed for work not climbing. Then I thought oh stuff it who cares. So I began climbing and we had fun challenging each other. I was quite high on the frame when one of EP’s teachers walked by “Morning E” and Morning Mum” she said with a huge grin on her face.

Later on I was sitting on a mini chair in the Kindy room watching EP colour in a gingerbread man picture. Parents have 10 minutes to be in class with them until we must leave our precious babies in the hands of their teachers. His main kindy teacher saw us and said to EP “I heard you were getting physical with your Mum climbing up on the spiderman web.” At fist I thought OH OH . Then she laughed and said she thought it was wonderful.  Phew. I guess not many other mums climb the frame at 8:30 in the morning before work.

EP’s teacher then started to say with such passion how “beautiful he was in class” She told me that he has welcomed a little girl who is a bit shy under his wing and he likes to take  care of her. He always checks to see if she is ok and if she would like some help. The teacher then said that he had the most “beautiful gentle spirit”.

I was totally taken aback. He had hardly spoken to me about this little girl. She is so cute. She has long strawberry blonde hair and is small and quiet. He tells me that she doesn’t really talk. When I left that morning I hung around the door to watch all the kids assemble on the mat like they do every morning to hear a story or a song. I watched this little girl make a beeline to where EP was sitting. She sat down next to him and he turned his head to her with the biggest smile I am not sure what he said to her, but it didn’t matter. He looked happy. 

Oh my goodness my heart was buzzing with pride at the beautiful little man he is growing up to be.

I couldn’t get that picture out of my head for the rest of the day. My little man and his little friend side by side . Two tiny souls connecting and growing together.

So parents keep on going with those life lessons we must teach over and over. It will pay off and those little people will make you proud and that is a feeling you most definitely need to bottle.

When did you last feel proud of your kids?

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