Taking Stock March 2015

I kind of lost my blogging Mojo last week. I was tired and well just could not have been arsed. 

Sometimes you go through days where you doubt your bloggy self and think that all you write is utter crap. So in an effort to reconnect with some creativity I have decided to go easy on myself and take stock for the month of March that has just flashed before my eyes. 

Taking stock with Pip from “Meet Me at Mike’s give it a go it is fun.

Making: Easter bunnies out of toilet rolls.
Cooking: Zucchini (or Courgette) and apple muffins.
Drinking: Still drinking water and red wine, sometimes peppermint tea.
Reading: ‘One flew over the Cuckoos nest’. I am only managing to read one page a night before I fall asleep so I feel like I am reading it forever and I am dying to move onto something new. Nurse Ratchett is quite the powerful woman though.
Wanting: To join a writers group.
Looking: For a lamp for our spare room for when Mamo comes to stay from Ireland in two weeks yay !
Playing: Chase around the house with two giggly boys.
Deciding: That I don’t want an Easter Egg this year. I am really needing to cut back on sugar.
Wishing: I had a housekeeper.
Enjoying: Writing and taking photographs
Waiting:  For Easter and lazy days at home.
Liking: Autumn its vast blue skies and cooler temps.

Wondering: How my friends are doing. I have been missing you all lately. 
Loving: Little C’s growing vocabulary he loves his Saws 
( a play saw) and dads mobike. EP’s excitement about going to Kindy and playing with his friends 
Pondering: Still my future at work.
Considering: Doing another creative writing course.
Hoping: The love is here to stay.
Marveling: At our little outdoor space that Mr Kangaroo paved for the boys to ride their bikes. 

Needing: Time
Smelling: Mr Kangaroo’s Cool Water aftershave mmmm…..
Wearing: Black and white stripey pencil skirt and black top, messy hair and no shoes. 
Following: The moon.
Noticing: A beautiful warm and still evening outside.
Knowing: It’s all good.
Thinking: Writing and creating
Feeling: Good although a bit stuffed from too many liquorice allsorts 
Admiring: Lilla Wolf”s Blog her photographs and her writing.
Sorting: Clothes and toys everywhere 
Buying: Black Leggings and ankle boots.
Getting: A bit bored 
Bookmarking: Blog posts I have missed from Lisa Berson ,Mummmy Wife  Me, Have a laugh on Me and Handbag Mafia. 
Disliking: Cockroaches Oh My goodness I cannot stand the creatures. 
Opening: The dishwasher and the fridge again and again and again. 
Giggling:  A video compilation of Catwalk fails from models in shoes made for sitting definitely not walking   
Feeling: Relaxed
Snacking: Liquorice Allsorts

Coveting: Paper to write on and nice pens to write with. I have become a bit obsessed with pens I still haven’t found the right one. I write everything in pen before typing I am a bit old fashioned like that.  
Wishing: Humans would be nicer to each other. 

Helping: ……………..I need to help others more I think
Hearing: That 70’s Show 

Blogging: With EggcentiallyJess (EssentiallyJess) 

Happy Easter Beautiful people . 
Share the love. xx

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