Women You do Enough

I awoke from a dream on Saturday morning with the word crotchet in my mind. 
I decided then that I needed to go to a shop . I had no idea what a crotchet needle even looked like nor did I have any idea that I only needed one !

I always hated knitting when we learned it a school. However sewing I enjoyed. Crotchet seems like a happy medium to me. So I am trying to teach myself how to make a granny square.

So I guess what I am saying is I have been off air for a couple of months and as a result I have turned into a granny
, but we all know granny’s rock.

My Mum, sister and nephew came to stay with us for 6 weeks in total. We had such a wonderful time. There was lots of eating chocolate, drinking wine, dancing oddly to Bruno Mars, and late night walking to burn all the chocolate off.

We visited the zoo,

Rottnest Island,

the aquarium,

the beach

Margaret river,

an animal farm

and our beloved freo.

I felt like I had the privilege of having two live -in nannies and I only needed to pay them in chocolate. I work part time therefore I did not take a whole lot of time off while they were here. It was totally amazing to come home from work, the kids would be fed and dinner was waiting for me on a candlelit table. The path from the washing machine out to the line was well worn by my Mum. I do not think that I visited the washing line once in six weeks. My clothes were magically folded and given to me to put away. Its amazing how busy women need to be.

Do you know what we realised however?

We realised that although we were three women and one man living under the one roof. We had three kids making a mess and the jobs were never ever fully done. There was always enough to keep us all going daily.

The lesson for me is.

You already do enough. So give yourself a little break and don’t feel bad if the washing is not kept up to date. Realise that even if you could multiply yourself by three  IT WOULD NEVER BE ALL DONE !!!

With that said I am quite lazy and the fact became more obvious while living with my sister. She wasn’t in the house two days when the nurse in her could not stand to look at my medicine cabinet any longer. She threw out a shopping bag full of potions and lotions that were out of date. I had nothing left.

Its pretty cool living with your sister however as we learnt little tricks from each other. I learnt to keep pottering throughout the day that way I can try and stay on top of things. From me, my sister learnt how to be more lazy and let things go a bit more. So go figure !

I hope to be back into the swing of things now. Its taken me a few weeks to find the inspiration to even write. Its nice to just go with the flow and not force the words.

I do have ideas and stories brewing so I hope that you can stick with me.

Happy Tuesday.

Blogging with Essentially Jess for IBOT Tuesday

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