Write to Heal Retreat 2015

Under the guidance of the July Blue Moon six women gathered at the mouth of the Bass strait in Mornington Peninsula Victoria.

Each woman had taken their own unique journey to find themselves in Leanda’s warm home.

Most of us had never met, however we shared a common thread. We were souls on a path of connectiveness, self love and self discovery.

Our every need was catered for. From breakfast to time alone allowing us to contemplate

We talked as women do, we laughed as people do, we cried as humans do.

We told stories, we shared secrets, we wrote many words.

Words we did not feel proud to share. Self conscious of our own power. Once said aloud these words became our hearts. Our hearts were lifted up and supported by those around us that could already see our truths.

Wholesome organic vegetarian food fueled our thoughts. A nature walk awakened our awareness to so much beauty surrounding us.

Leanda’s voice incredible. A sound reiki master. Other wordly healing notes reverberated from her body lifting us up and then grounding us with strong roots as if from an ancient oak tree.

Guided meditations gave many of us clarity. It it incredible what your mind conjures up once you remain still and silent.

Leanda welcomed us into her own home. spoilt us like she had known us our whole lives.

In our closing ceremony we sat around in a circle. We thanked each other for sharing so much and supporting each others without judgement.

I cried and cried at the end. I was not sure why. It was a release, a good one. However to have been so affected surely meant that the “Write to Heal ” retreat was a point of change for us all.

I flew from Perth to Melbourne for the weekend and Leanda could not have done more to assist me and take care of me for the whole weekend. This year I had tossed up spending my money on attending a huge blogging conference on the Gold Coast with 700+ other bloggers. I chose Leanda’s intimate retreat instead and I am very glad I did. It was the right choice for me. How lucky am I to have been able to take such opportunities.

If you would like to know more about Leanda her sound reiki and her “Write to Heal Retreat” click here. http://www.leandamichelle.com.au/

Leanda did not ask me to write this post. I am happy to share the experience,

When was the last time you treated yourself at a retreat ? 

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