Snippets of Gratitude

I always hated the smell from these plants, Geraniums as a kid. My mum had them growing in pots. I still don’t like the smell. However they bring back nice memories of our little house in the Irish country side where my sisters and I grew up.

Our newest Joey . She definitely has the agility of a kangaroo, she is a feisty one who demands much of our attention and patience. However she has grown into my heart and I would miss her dearly if she was not with us. Every week I ask Mr Kangaroo if he is in love with her yet? He is the one who has been doing all the training and early morning rises. He is struggling to see the woods for the trees. “Do you love her “? I ask him “I’m getting there” he replies. At least he is as aloof with her as he can be with me.


A boy and his dog. They are buddies, however I think she is the boss. They will grow together.
Right now they are both a handful.


I love daises. I love their simplicity, their reliability, they are always there scattering beauty wherever they grow.


The smell from these orange blossoms is divine especially on a balmy evening. I wish you could smell them Its sweet and airy and gently tickles your nose with its eu du parfume. I hope it means the next crop of oranges will be bursting and bright.

As a kid we had a stream running along the side of our garden. I would spend hours climbing down the steep banks. Standing in the freezing cold water in my green wellington boots. I loved lifting stones out of the water to see what creatures were seeking shelter beneath. Sometimes we would make a damn by piling stones or we would drop sticks upstream and try and catch them downstream. This is something I feel like my kids will miss out on. The freedom of exploring nature in the countryside. It makes me sad, however it also gives me good story telling material. Mums “Childhood Adventure Stories”
What Snippets of Gratitude can you find this week?

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