Maintaining Your Mental Health

The water rushes out of the stained brass tap. A perfect balance of hot and cold mixes to form a beautiful body temperature bath. She dips her toes in first. They tingle a little. She climbs into the sunken bath. It is a retro green colour but it is nice and deep.

She exhales as her body sinks below the warm water. The tension of the day is released up and away it goes out the open window. She has the urge to put her head under the water the sound of children chattering fades away. All she now hears is the deep echo of her breathing.

She closes her eyes, concentrates on her breath. She lots go of it all, diluted by the nurturing water.

Sometimes she is interrupted, children and their Dad wondering why her “shower” is taking so long.

She knows if she was to tell them she was having a bath it would turn into a big deal. She meditates on and off. She lays there as the perfectly warm water envelopes her tired body. Her mind relaxes. She only exists in this very moment.

Half an hour, maybe an hour passes. She waits until her body lets her know when it is time to return to the outside world. Once dressed she feels calm, at peace. She can once again return to the playful Mum she likes to be.

This week is Mental Health Week . (4-10th October 2015)

How do you maintain your mental health? We all have mental health just as we have physical health.

Here are some things I do:

1. Yes I take baths mostly at weekends and usually mid-morning as the boys are eating breakfast with Dad. I sneak off when nobody is looking.

2. I go to the beach. Oh what a place to awaken your soul.

3. I enjoy taking photographs, especially of nature. It always awakens my creativity.

4. I take our new puppy for a walk. Or I simply lay on the floor and cuddle up to her. It does wonders for your heart.

5. I sleep. ! I go to bed early. I prioritise sleep these days as I know for me personally sleep is essential to maintain my mood. I dream. Dreaming is so helpful for the mind, especially if you remember them. Lessons or simply realisations where your mind is beginning to accept something going on in your real life.

6. I write, or I colour in. Even ten minutes of colouring in an adult colouring book can pull you out of a mild funk. It clears your mind of junk.

7. I meet up with a friend. You listen to them, they listen to you. It’s a win win.

8. I lay on my children’s swing and watch the world spin by

9. I help others. Whether it be a friend or a stranger. Helping takes your thoughts from being internal to external. Practicing kindness and compassion can go a long way to healing your heart also.

10. I turn the music up loud. Especially when alone in the car. I have a CD in my car I listen to it most mornings on the way to work. I know the words for most of the songs. Its like a meditation I sing loudly and badly but its very calming. Sometimes I dance in the kitchen with the boys. Uptown Funk is their favourite.

11. I pick flowers, wild, weeds anything colourful and shiny. I detest grocery shopping so while in the supermarket I buy myself a bunch of flowers. They bring great joy during the week when the days are muddled into one.

These are little snippets of what works for me and I have tried and tested many things. It has been my experience that when you are in a major depression none of the above crap works.

However after you have sought help be that through medication or talk therapy its the simple little things that go a long way in helping you maintain that peace you worked so hard to achieve.

What do you do to maintain your mental health. I would love to know ?

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