Eleven Nice Things

When you are drowning in domestic shit ehhh I mean bliss it can be hard to decipher one day from another.

Sick children, sleepless nights, messy house, laundry on the floor, thrown together meals, cranky children, cranky parents. The list goes on. You can allow it to drown you or you can find teeny tiny things to look forward to.

Its nice to surround yourself with nice things, nice people and go nice places. Have nice stuff to look forward to no matter how small.

While packing the dishwasher for the third time today. I started to put together a nice list for myself.

1.  People are nice. Many many people are nice. I have recently been reminded of this fact through my Frocktober challenge. People are kind and thoughtful. they care and they want to help. It truly is a beautiful thing. So a Massive thank you to all you kind souls. We are bombarded by so much horrible information that we can become dragged down by the world but there is also so much good in the world

2. My little 2 year old calls eyebrows rainbows !!!! We lie in bed after stories and he points out all the features on my face. Eyes, nose, mouth, chin “Rainbows” he says it every time. Sometimes I correct him but he corrects me, insists on “Wainbowwwwssss” Does he see our auora? Does he see us through a different perspective. I find it quite beautiful.

3. Mr 5s dream is to touch the clouds. I told him that is the best dream he could have and he needs to hold on tight to it.

4. My Mum,  sisters and I have a “Viber” family group. They in Ireland, me down under. Sometimes the stars align and we are all online at once. We send funny pictures of ourselves (see below). We tease each other, we laugh, we advise, we send funny stickers. Back and forth. Its almost like when we get together in real life and make each other laugh so hard we cannot breath.

5. I fell asleep tonight in Mr EP’s (5) bed. We were both laying on our tummies next to each other, When I awoke he had his arm around me. It was very cute.

6. There is only one good thing about having sick children. When they fall asleep in your arms. You have to stay there and hold them, love them, savour them.

7. Having something to look forward to every day whether it be taking a daily photo, deciding what dress to wear, writing a blog post, reading other peoples blogs. Is something for me that keeps the creative spirit alive . These are my nice things to do.

8. Mr EP got in trouble yesterday. He hit his brother out of frustration. He stormed around the back of the house so we let him be, to calm down. Fifteen minutes later there is a knock on the back door. I open it to find a curly red haired boy holding a bunch of flowers. Daisies, poppies, and dainty pretty purple flowers. His bottom lip curled “Sorry Mummy”

10. On Sunday evenings the boys and I go outside and pick flowers. Whatever we can find that is colourful. We put them in old recycled jars and they add colour to our week as we rush in and out to school and work.

11. When Little C (2) is getting some snacks, be they crackers or grapes he always grabs two. One for him one for his big brother.

What nice things can you think of ?


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