Ten Frocktober Life Lessons

Who would have thought you could learn life lessons just from wearing a dress.

I have discovered if you have a daily ritual. Something you must do everyday new pieces from the jigsaw of life are revealed to you.

Frocktober flew by in colourful camera flashes. It was an enjoyable month and I would recommend it to anyone.

Here are some Lessons I learnt along they way.

1. One woman dies every 10 minutes from ovarian cancer, an illness that is mostly diagnosed in advanced stages and not much can be done. That is damn scary ! These facts make me realise how amazing it is that we the everyday person can do something to help to develop a new test to diagnose women earlier.

2. I have some wonderful friends following me on my blog and Facebook. Some are friends of old, some are friends reconnected, some are friends I have never met. All are very generous kind and supportive. It was a special month to connect and reconnect with you all. So huge Thank you !!

3. Dresses make you feel great. They truly do. Today I squeezed back into my skinny jeans. I felt fat and gross and uncomfortable all day. Throughout my whole Froctober month I did not feel uncomfortable once. I choose dresses that I felt good in . When you wear a nice fitting dress you become more in tune with your individual feminine beauty. You sway your hips with a little more freedom.

4. Daily rituals teach you lessons. Everyday I was sharing my photograph on Social Media, I would usually write a little about how I was feeling that day.  It made me accountable to my changing emotions.This past month I realised my moods go up and down depending on how much sleep I have had. If I have had a bad night with no sleep life becomes shit the next day. Its so annoying especially when you might want to go crazy and stay up late to watch a movie!!  The next day I pay for it. However sometimes it is just not worth the pain.

5. My wardrobe needed culling, wearing dresses everyday made me realise I needed to rethink what was in my wardrobe. I now have a large pile of clothes to send back to the op shop. I was hanging onto some pretty but tiny tops that I will probably never fit into again. I am ok with that but there was no point in hanging onto stuff I was never going to wear. I will be wearing dresses more often from now on.

6. We should be making ourselves feel fabulous everyday. I cannot stress this one enough. Seriously when you feel good it changes your whole outlook for the day. I had days when my little boy was very ill from his Tonsil Op. Making an effort everyday helped me stay stronger for him. If I felt good then I could love him a little more.  Wearing something different everyday also renewed my energy I felt like I could start everyday fresh with a brand new vibe.

8. My confidence has grown. I have learnt its ok to be in front of the camera. I have learnt I can still look good. When you become a Mum you lose yourself in the haze. You forget you still have something to offer the world and that you can still be sexy or beautiful or whatever!!.  It has also shown me a way to approach blogging a bit differently. I have always been a bit reserved for fear of being an idiot or protecting my privacy. However the more you show of your true self the more people will respond. You can still do this without revealing everything about your life I think.

9. Raising money for a cause is a wonderful feeling. When those little emails came through to tell me another kind person had donated. My heart would skip a beat. Raising money these days is easy. A few clicks online and people can donate. Its a whole new world and we gotta make the most of it.

10. When you have something exciting to do everyday the days sparkle brighter and longer rather than fly by in a flash. 


Would you take part in Froctober Next Year ??
Do you make an effort to feel good everyday?
Do you have a daily ritual ?
Blogging with

PS My final Tally for Froctober is $1079.50 $300 over my goal.
I was totally blown away by your generosity. There is also still time to donate. https://frocktober2015.everydayhero.com/au/druim

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