To The Weird Shy Girl

She really wanted a chocolate bar. She had the money in her hand. However she was afraid. She would stand outside the small basic shop in her local village and beg her younger sister to buy the chocolate for her.

She was afraid.

The shop keeper might talk to her ! He might ask her questions. She might go bright red and forget her words. Those words needed for small talk. The type of talk she dreaded.

She was more of a listener, she never wanted to be centre off attention. She was quite happy to let others carry the conversation. She was especially shy with those she had never met before.

Her teachers said she was a daydreamer. perhaps she was but she was mostly just afraid. Afraid of speaking out, afraid of hearing her voice echo through the class. On the rare occasion when she had to speak her words would be replayed in her own head over and over making her even more embarrassed. Imagine being afraid of your own voice !

One particular teacher picked on her a lot. The teacher did not seem to understand the quiet shy girl. One day the girl was hiding her hands in the sleeves of her long jumper. The teacher called her up to the top of the class and rolled her sleeves up as far as the girl’s small shrunken shoulders while the others laughed. Humiliation will not make a shy girl more outgoing.

In Secondary school (High School) she began to find her crew. Friends that made her laugh. She became more of a giggling school girl. Sometimes up to no good but always trying to overcome her shyness. She always avoided putting herself out there and getting involved in groups or sports.

Fear held her back most of her life, her lack of self confidence perhaps prevented her from reaching her true potential.

However it was her self belief that saved her. Her ability  to make good decisions and to have the belief that she could achieve her goals. Determination was always her driving force.

The shy girl may be slow to bloom. She may hide and appear more of a wallflower than a royal rose, but please do not push her. Help her identify her interests and talents. Encourage them but allow her to make her own decisions.

I used to detest being called the quiet sensitive sister. I translated that into oh you are the boring sister.  I have two beautiful crazy and hilarious sisters. I love them for exactly who they are.

However I am not them.

Yes I am the quiet sister. Being quiet is not a bad thing. I think people struggle to work you out and therefore perhaps in a way fear you and your quiet thoughtful mind ?

I was told many times I was weird in school. When you are shy and lack self confidence being told you are weird only adds to your awkwardness.

Now as a grown woman I can safely say being weird is the best. All of us, yes everyone is weird in their own way. Weirdness is what makes us individual.

Other peoples opinions of you are nothing they are just words with no true meaning. It is your own heart beating inside of you that you should listen to.

The weird shy girl will be ok. She will find her own unique way. She will find her own amazing and loving people who lift her up and not drag her down.

Do not make her feel bad for holding her wisdom within. Her time will come to share it with the rest of the world.


Were you shy ?
Are you shy?

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