Peppermint Tea With Me

I have a new tea set.

Its Japanese.

I love drinking tea from cups with no handles.

Just small sips one at a time. Peppermint tea mostly. I like to be refreshed, nothing but water and loose mint leaves.

It is the teeny tiny moments. Treating yourself to a simple cup of tea. Or Cupan Tae as we say in Ireland. The process of making the tea and drinking it. Helps the mind to be free, to recharge your energies.

Women love to talk, don’t we know this so well. If we have a problem we phone a friend. Women have an innate ability to be able to recharge from the smallest of moments.

A pause for tea. A quick conversation with a friend. Quiet time at the washing line. A walk with the dog, picking flowers, sometimes even cleaning in a zoned out meditative state.

It makes me wonder about men.
Can they or are they able to be as mindful as women are throughout their busy days. I feel as if men are always looking for the next best thing. The next moment, the next wave, the kids bedtime, the weekend.

Life with a child in full time school is certainly busy. I feel for these young children.  It kind of makes me sad that their freedom to be in an unstructured world is already gone after only five years living in this mad mad world.

Life round here has been pretty good lately. The usual struggles to do with busy family life hover around to try and drag us down. However time is zooming past at a crazy speed. The children growing exponentially. Day by day the baby phase becomes more of a distant memory. I hold my almost three year old on my knee feeling his weight against mine. I snuggle into him while I can. While I am still the coolest chick in town.

I marvel at my five year old. How mature and clever and caring he can be. A day in his company is a privlage for me.

I steal snippets of time to write and learn. Take photographs and capture laughs.

Swimming lessons are the flavour of the term. Watching two small boys evolve gills and a propelling tail fin. It reminds me of how much I loved to swim as a child,  no matter the temperature I would be first in.

Days of doubt visit sometimes. When work becomes routine and I search for a challenge to bend my mind. Time has shown me however good things will come to those who wait.

Silent love from Rose the dog keeps me grounded upon the brown earth. The summer sun, every day sunshine. Blue skies make it hard not to come out of your shell disguise.

The days they go round and round and round again. We hold on tight and capture them. Days at home just him and me. Giggles and cuddles one on one. It wont be long before they become a far distant memory.

How have your days been ?
Can you be mindful amongst the chaos?

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