Dear Young Woman


Dear Young Woman,

With your whole beautiful life ahead of you.

To me you seem so tender and precious. I want to protect you from all that is wrong with this modern world. Our landscape is changing. We constantly have our heads stuck in tiny pocket computers they even come to the toilet with us. We have never been so connected and yet so incredibly disconnected. Our sense of human, our moral antennae have become desensitised. Damaged by the environment surrounding us.

This is especially true for the young people of today. You are constantly bombarded of images on Instagram and Facebook, images of perfect people and perfect bodies living perfect lives. You might think you need to be like them. You might think that taking a sexy shot of yourself is no big deal. Everybody is doing it.

Please believe me when I tell you it is all a trap. A trap to suck you in and spit you out broken and sad.

Please believe me when I say you are perfect just the way you are.

Love yourself for the person you are today. Be proud of how far you have come in this sometimes difficult life. Always try and stay connected to that small girl you once were. Return to her and show her some love when you have lost your way. She will take you to where you need to be.

You do not need to impress anybody to make them like or love you. If someone is worth their weight in love they will not need or expect anything from you. All they will require is for you to be you. Always.

Boys will come and go. You may be lucky and find a true diamond in the rough, however please believe me when I say you do not need to do anything to keep him by your side except, just be you. If that is not good enough then he is not good enough.

You,  my dear sweet feminine soul hold the power. Really you do !

Boys don’t always think with their brain.

You can out think him. You can learn to respect yourself. You do not need approval from anyone else.

Sometimes you might feel shit about yourself. You think you are fat, you think you are boring, you feel like you do not fit in. Find your tribe even if your tribe is just one friend. Your true friends will  raise you above the shit. They will take care of you when you are in trouble, they will hold your hair back when you spew, they will hold you close and wipe your tears away when you are sad. True friends will make you feel good about yourself, they will not bring you down. Support each other in every way and you will find a better way.

Please believe me when I say you do not need to take any nude pictures of yourself to keep the boy. I know you are young and sometimes with youth comes irrational thought where consequences are left behind in your school locker.  You have become sick of living with rules.

Please believe when I say that one single nude photograph in the wrong hands can mean a lifetime of regret and hurt for you.

Even if you are with your one true love and think sending him a intimate photo can do no harm. The nature of the beast that is youth means that times change quickly. People fall in and out of love easily. That is not a bad thing, just the normal progression of growing up. But leaving your private and precious body in his hands long after you have departed is damaging to the essence of you. Your body is yours to keep. NOBODY else’s.

I know all this because I was young and dumb. I drank to much and made mistakes. Don’t get me wrong. Being young and free is where most of us would like to still be. However with age comes the blessing of insight and sensibility.

So take it from those who know.

Love and respect your own body before your share it, before it is taken and shared without your knowledge.

What advice do you have for young people of today?

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