Blogging is Cool and a Big Thank You !

I have been blogging for over two years now or maybe its three ……?. 
It hasn’t been consistent. I have had big gaps where its all become too much. Being online or trying to engage on social media. 
I am a huge introvert struggling with putting myself out there for all to find. 

When you don’t post on your Facebook page every day. The Facebook big brothers decide that you are boring and you begin to loose traction. I don’t have the energy to worry about that . So I decided some time ago to just be me. Post when I like, what I like and if the people read it then that’s amazing. 

I have some beautiful and loyal friends and some family who read my stuff and that is good enough for me. Perhaps there are some readers hiding in the corners that I don’t know about. A big hello to you too. I see you lurking in shadows and I “get” it. 

Blogging is cool.

You can ask a question and find answers from people with different backgrounds and ideas. A community of people with a wealth of knowledge to share. Blogging can really help you with your personal growth. It is addictive and I don’t think I could fully let it go. I would miss the chats and the insight, the fun and the connection. I think I am better at writing than talking, therefore blogging is where I can write the words I always meant to say.  

Our modern world has become technology based and I believe it is only the beginning. Maybe Blogging is the only part of the internet that truly encourages the human connection. That has to be a good thing right?

I wrote a post last Friday on “Women in Part Time Work and Career Progression” . I had many wonderful experienced and insightful women respond to my question ” Have you progressed in your career part time?” 

Many of you took a realistic point of view and said, that honestly you don’t think its achievable, Unless you have a nanny and you can return to work ASAP. 

One comment from “Gas ” whom gave us this little nugget 
A friend of mine who’s husband is in a senior position in the medical profession once claimed that he knew he would rise the ranks at a young age as all of his female 
colleagues would be falling off the radar when they started their families. And how right was he, a senior specialist clinician in his 30s!

In conclusion the responses helped me to gain perspective and be realistic. Elisa  said “ I choose to trust in time, believe it’s on my side”.

Following Elisa’s insight. I have decided to enjoy what I have right now. A great job in a supportive and encouraging workplace.

My days at home with my three year old are worth a million billion trillion invaluable dollars more than any job. 

My time will come. 

So a big thank you to all those wonderful women who read my post and dropped by to share their wisdom I very much appreciated it.

Lots of love and Light on this Monday night xx 

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