I Love Camping

And Breath….

As we sit under the twinkling explosion of glittering stars. Feeling so humbled by the incredible Milky Milky Way.

It might have taken us almost a day to pack and get ready but it is always worth the effort. We jam everything even a kitchen sink into the back of the Ute. Every available space is taken up by stuff… No more room for the dog she must sit in the back seat between the boys. The tent, the food, sleeping bags, pillows, kitchen utensils, buckets, spades, sunscreen, hats, clothes, food for the dog.

However I love every second of it.

There is nothing better than hitting that road. The long drive to escape the rat race. We head North through the traffic. The houses all in a row seem to stretch on forever. The communities just keep on growing further and further out from the city lights. The desperation to see the big blue every day pushes suburbia further as the natural habitat shrinks.

We drive for an hour until the houses become less and less. Then we hit the glorious “bush”. Dry fields of rock, sunburnt grass, tall silvery gum trees, spikey grass trees as far as the eye can see. It blows my mind every time, the expanse of brown land stretching forever.

We eventually find our turn off. Into the sand dunes heading straight for the ocean. The aqua blue dances on the sunbeams inviting us into its cool depths. A nest in between two dunes we shall call home for the next few days. With nothing but sticks, sand and crashing waves for the children to play with. A welcome reprieve from the fights over plastic cars and red light sabers.

The dog with the great outdoors in her DNA is in her element. Wild and free as we all should be. Her pointy ears turned up to super sonic, her brown eyes twinkling in the evening light, tongue hanging to the side, a sure sign she has been having the time of her life.

Hot sticky, sweet……… marshmallows stuck onto the top of fork shaped sticks.

That is the stuff memories are made of.

Filthy feet, dirty hands, seaweed in our hair, sand in our underpants.

Two small boys snuggled up in sleeping bags. Baby caterpillars preparing to bloom another day. Wild and free.


Peace at last. Mum and Dad savour the wine. The stars, mind blowing, the crashing waves soothing, the stories open hearted…….

I could go on…………………

Every time we roll back into town, mud on our clothes, dreadlocks in our hair, I feel sad.

Sad at how much “stuff” we seem to need. There seems to be a shop for everything you can think of. Human beings always needing, wanting something.


Getting back to nature every so often can actually help you to appreciate what you have. See your home and all the stuff you have in a new light. It makes you think ” Do I really need this item in my life, can I reduce, reuse, recycle?

Camping not only takes our dog back to her ancestry, it also can activate our ancient genetic codes. Back to the caves we once inhabited . I embrace my cave dwelling woman calling. Take me back to a more simple life.

Do you love camping ?

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