When you were Five


He has an ear piece in his ear. He is talking to someone, giving orders, delegating it sounds like.
He wears a pair of dark trousers and a dark formal shirt.

He walks around in circles in deep conversation to whomever can hear him through the ear piece. I watch him with interest, wonder what he is up to? He looks like he is going out to a meeting somewhere.

His ear piece is made of Lego and he stops to say to me “Mum I am having a work party at 7pm will you be there?. He is age five.

I am swept up into his game of make believe, because it may not always be make belief. Some day it may very well come true. He is working in a laboratory as a Paleontologist. He tells me that it is his job to piece all the bones together to make the dinosaurs. He tells me that he is the boss !  He is having a party to thank all his work friends.

I help him carry out plastic plates and he places some fruits, some crackers and cups of water outside on a makeshift party table. He tells me that I must bring the cake and find the music. He gets calls in between on his Lego ear piece. He is indeed a very important paleontologist.

Every so often Prof. Ep the Paleontologist makes an appearance in the same work outfit and we imagine the dinosaur’s being pieced together, The painstaking work of fixing the puzzle and discovering the entire skeleton of a triceratops. So far he has not wavered from this profession when he is asked the age old question “What do you want to be when you grow up”?

When you are five the world is still brand new, however you are just on the cusp of knowing. Knowing that life can be complicated sometimes. That you cannot always have what you want. That you must work in order to achieve something.

However when you are five you are still innocent enough to find the simplistic beauty in the everyday. Your imagination can still take you away on the most fantastic of adventures. Mummy and Daddy are still your world. You still greatly seek the security of the nest.

When you are five you are not afraid to show your individuality. Your own unique creativity shines through and the world is grateful to have you.

You are in touch with the real you, your likes and dislikes. What feeds your spirit, what scares you.

I really dont think the essence of us changes all that much from when we were five. I believe five is a pivotal age for us. If we can get back to that innocent child with the big imagination. The one whom would create a brand new world in a picture or by building with Lego. If we could ask that beautiful being what they need and where they want to go in life.

Whether the five year old needs a hug and to be told everything will be ok or whether you are looking for direction in what you want to be. The five year old in you, may just have some answers for your adult self.

I hope when my boys are 16 and feeling a bit lost I can remind them who they were when they were five. That you EP loved reading books and absolutely loved drawing pictures. You astound me at the characters that come out of your head. Every time you go to the library you come back with a different encyclopedia on animals. You like talking loudly, you build spaceships with your Lego. You care about the world and you sometimes kiss your little brother and tell him you love him when we least expect it.

You can be a home bird and a lazy bum just like your Mum, but take it from me the world is a much better place when you push yourself out of that comfort zone and experience life with all its force.

Always remember never forget who you were when you were five

Who were you when you were Five ??

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