I Predict a Riot

I think we as a species need to get over ourselves.

We sit at the apex of the food chain, we think we can control the world.
We may well be able to control the people, but Mother Nature is not so tameable.

I think we as a collective, the people and the people in power need to start facing the truth. Our world is changing, evolving, yet we are in denial. My family and I just spent a couple of days living at the beach rising with the sun following the rhythm of the daily diurnal change. No two days are the same when living by the beach. Nature  is cyclical.

With the changing of our climate and the world as we know it. I predict a riot.

A future where we all become refugees. Where we all end up roaming the earth searching for a safe haven. I can see a time where we will all risk the lives of our children just for the chance to have shelter, food and water. The three basics for human survival whether we dwell in a cave or an architecturally designed house.

During bedtime stories I read books to my small boys about dinosaurs. I read about how the earth the great lizards once roamed was humid and warm, prone to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. It confirms to me that yes the earth does go through natural cycles of heating and cooling. Much like a living breathing organism.

Well that is exactly what this earth is. It is alive.

Imagine a small goldfish in a glass bowl. This bowl is his entire universe. However if its water is never changed the fish will die of poisoning.

Never before in the earths history has there been so many humans using its natural resources. Forgetting to replenish, not allowing our organism to breath. After all there are only so many fish that can live in a bowl before the water turns black.

It is all connected. The fighting, the greed , the terror. The disproportion of wealth and resources. It all comes from the same place. It is a symptom of a sick world and how we seem to have it all wrong. The rich western countries controlling the wealth, the developing countries struggling to keep up. We cannot continue to keep blaming each other. It is one of the seven deadly sins that we continue to live by, to rule by, Greed. It is the fear that we allow to convince us we must keep everything to ourselves.

I predict a world where maintaining our perceived “culture” will be unsustainable. Our countries will become blended into one world. Where there will only be pockets of resources available to us. We will have to find ways to sustainably use what land we have left and forget about protecting what we perceive as Australia only for Australians. Or Ireland only for Irish. We live in a world where we travel to another continent in less than a day. Over time our borders may become hazy with migrating humans fleeing rising sea level and searching for food.

We are a conscious species. We can mostly predict how our behaviors affect the world, each other and our fellow animals.

We need to stop blaming each other. We need to stop looking upon refugees as an alien species. They are us. They are you and they are me and our precious children running from terror.

Some humans are bad. We know this.

The majority are amazing compassionate beings.

I know when it comes to it, when literally faced with helping someone despite their colour or creed you would do it.

Because unless you have psychopathic tendencies you do not like seeing others suffer, because you already love and you already care.

I predict Mad Max the movie will come true. We will fight over water. It will be our most precious resource. Most society’s or cultures have dark sides to them. Something which threatens our idea of freedom. However if we continue to assume minority extremists represent the majority we will continue to incite hatred. It will fuel wars, it will kill our children.

When I look upon my children’s beautiful innocent faces. I love that they are yet to form opinions about the world. I want their opinions to be broad and to come from a place of compassion.

I don’t want them to make judgments based on hear say. If you spend your days reading or listening to propaganda you will become that propaganda personified. I want my children to experience before they judge.

Some day I do predict a riot.

I hope what will save my children and their children will be an ability to put differences aside and share what they have. We are conditioned to think that their is not enough to go around. Think about it for a second. Never before have we had so much stuff. Our oceans are drowning in plastic. Yet all we truly need is shelter, food and water. We need to curb our sense of entitlement and share, our homes, our food, our money and most importantly our land. We have the technology and intelligence to change the world and use what we have for the better.

We need to stop being so scared. I see how our five year old’s are being taught in school. They see each other as equal, they see animals as equal. We need to live as the five year old’s do.

The world is warming up, it will change and the comfortable life as we know will be threatened.

We have to stop blaming each other.

Our land will keep getting hotter, the storms will increase, the droughts will stretch longer and longer.  Food will become scarce.

I have a feeling it might be too late to cut down on our carbon emissions. Change is already happening. However unless we start working together and stop blaming each other our future, our children’s future is doomed. We already have an idea what will happen. Why can we not start planning our future in a changed landscape? Recycling our materials, renewing our resources.

People will continue to feel ostracised if we treat them as aliens. While we need food, water and shelter to survive. To thrive as a species we need community. We need to feel connected and part of something. If we feel rejected our actions will be negative we will seek connection in the wrong places. The wars will continue.

My views are simplistic. Live simply so all my simply live, and yet the goldfish swimming around in its basic bowl has everything it needs to live a contented life.


What do you predict for our future ?
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