Life at Home

Winter brings with it cosy days at home. If we are lucky enough to be at home on a cold but sunny day, at about 9am the warming sunshine pours through our kitchen window. I love just sitting on our bright red couch beneath the window silently watching the light dancing upon my boys face’s and feet.

One Saturday a friend came to play. Three boys packed a Star Wars backpack full of tools for young entomologists in training.
A notepad and pencil to record and describe their specimens.  Magnifying glasses to enable the young biologists to observe the features of the strange creatures lurking beneath the rocks and pots. A glass jar its lid pierced with holes to capture some samples and examine their behaviour before releasing them into the wild of the back garden.






As the morning sun filters through the prism of a large crystal hanging in the window. Countless rainbows fill the room. My first born is struck by a rainbow of red green and indigo.

Daddy builds bunk beds for two small boys. As the boys create their own private space, a hideaway for each, the eldest on the top bunk the youngest below. I am transported back to my own childhood. I remember fondly how much I loved creating my very own space just for me to hide my secret books and drawings and writings of strange poems. When you share a room with a sibling you cherish just a small nook all of your own. I encouraged my eldest to have a secret shelf, somewhere he could hide his special things. His marbles in the Star Wars tin, his large and very heavy copy of the yet unread
” Chronicles of Narnia”, another favourite book “My Farm” by Alison Lester, his ribbons marking swimming achievements, a photograph from Ireland of him and his fellow redheaded cousin Little T, his Star Wars ship made out of an old egg box; a memory of creative days at home with his Mamo, a large plastic jar filled with water and two growing dinosaurs……
How are your days at home going ?

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