Lovin the Little Things.

Today I got a reminder on my Facebook page. It was a memory of the first time I shared my blog page. It was three years ago.

So I guess its my Blogs third birthday today on the 26th Day of July 2016. I think that’s pretty cool.
I found a hobby and I stuck to it. I feel like its an achievement especially as an adult with lots of other and more important things to worry about. While I don’t post much written stuff these days its not because I don’t feel like it. It is mostly due to lack of time and perhaps that I have learnt to proritise my sleep over sitting at a computer until the wee hours.

Today as I was driving to work I began thinking about all the little things I love. It made me realise that in life when you begin to notice the little moments of love it is a sign you are in a good place. Your mind is allowing room for gratitude and peace. So I thought I would try and write a list of all the teeny tiny things I love.

1. Driving my car in Perth’s winter. Lets be honest the Perth winter is not so different from the Irish summer, however it can be colder at night. I absolutely love driving to work with the heat on my feet and the windows down allowing the cold air to keep me refreshed. This morning I drove to work listening to a CD my oldest and dearest friend had given me a long time ago. With the music thumping, the windows down, kids dropped off, for a brief few seconds I think I’m shit hot, young and free as a bird. In reality of course I am a frumpy middle aged woman reliving her youth during the brief drive to her nine to five job.

2. The cold side of the pillow. When I go to stay in my parents house I ask my Mom to root out the old flannel pillow cases. There is something about the softness of them against my tired face especially when they are cold………………..the thought makes my eyes heavy.

3. Bed.……….. seriously my favourite place in the world is bed. It always has been. A bed head from way back I am. Every night I fall into bed and thank the universe for bringing me to such a warm cosy restful place. Bed, its such a basic thing yet our world can be so cruel that many do not have a warm safe place to retreat to.

4. Breakfast, I love it.  Most mornings I wake up starving and I need to eat ASAP. I could take or leave other meals but I cant function without breakfast.

5. Cuddles with my girl Rose (the dog). There is something about animals that I find hard to put into words. sharing a home with them, allowing them to become part of a human family. When I come home from work in the evenings, its dark , I open the gate and Rose can hardly contain her excitement. Her whole body shakes and I know she is using all her willpower not to jump on me.
I bend down and stoke her. I nuzzle into her as if I truly am one of her kind. She looks at me with that silent strength, that silent adoration and faithfulness, its enough to wash away all the stress of the day.

6. That feeling of excitement you get just about the future and your life. Do you know what I mean ?? Maybe you don’t but I know when things are shit and when I was clinically depressed I thought everything was horrible. I dreaded life. I thought of tomorrow or next week or next year and I felt dread. These days I can look forward to tiny things even just something as simple as being able to take photographs or drinking my peppermint tea, or walking on the beach.

7. I love the Hiccups…. Really I do.  I love having the hiccups very weird passion to have I know. they don’t come by often but when they do I like them to last. Not into this holding your breath or drinking a glass of water upside down business.

8. I love the smell of my own farts………… ha only joking, roses they smell of roses.

9. I love that feeling you get when you have just had a shower and you get dressed in clothes that make you feel good. It’s almost as if you are brand new again.

10. I love the tingly feeling after swimming in cold water and then you get dressed and feel all warm and snug. It reminds me of childhood after swimming in the freezing Atlantic ocean or an even colder slow moving lake. The feeling of contentment as I munched on my crisp and cheese sandwich my body tingling and grateful for some warmth, my tummy grateful for some food. The sweet comfort of it.

11. I love roller coasters. I absolutely loose it, laugh my head off quite literally.

12. I love when you listen to music and it awakens the sleeping butterflies hibernating in your tummy, it makes your heart beat faster. The memories rush up to the beat, you daydream, you reminisce, and you are transported from the mundane. Such power can be found within the worlds universal language.

13. That fabulous feeling of turning over in bed knowing you do not have to get up….that feeling is rare theses days but I savour it when its there. Id pay money for that feeling !

14. Starting a new book and being sucked into a brand new world, a new mind, reading as if I am the main character and I need to make it to the end to save them.

15. Last but not least, the weight of my children as they sit on my lap. I wrap my arms around them and pause, train my muscles to remember the feeling of having little ones in their embrace.


What little things do you Love ??

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