My 2016 in 12 Photographs

A year really does bring about so much change in the lives of young children. While parents remain much the same, the anchors carrying our children on their journey.

It’s such an enjoyable thing to go back and look though the folders of photos that I have taken for every month of the year. It reminds me of the fun that we had and it mostly seems to have taken place outdoors. That is the life when living in Australia and how fortunate we are.

These photos have not been selected for being technically the best, but they are what captures the essence of the year that was, 2016, for my little family and I.

I have seen many remarks that 2016 was a tough one. I’m glad to say that for me I believe it was a bit of a breeze. We steamed through with our sails pulled taught and strong.

Last January while my Mum was here we made our own Vision Boards for 2016 I have never done this before and while mine fell off my wall and I rolled it up and put it under my desk I still managed to achieve most of what I wanted to, without my knowing it my vision board was my navigator. Something I might try again for next year.


My mum was helping me with the boys. We spent lazy afternoons by the river.  Mamo and EP formed an unbreakable bond while I was at work xxx

I began to learn how to use my camera in manual. This was one of my visions from my board.
I recently achieved a Diploma in Professional Photography. However there is still so much to learn and my vision shall continue.

The bond with Rose the Kelpie and her boys continues to grow.

We enjoy many days at the dog beach reveling in the crazy beautiful chaos of humans and dogs finding their salty souls in the grains of sand.

Winter storms wash up treasures from the sea. I am in heaven as I walk along the wild Indian Ocean Coast a world away from its lazy Summer style. We also have a visitor a New Zealander Beekeeper, he educates us on fascinating and important secret Lives of bees.

We camp out under the stars, all four sleeping together on the rooftop while our faithful friend eagerly awaits for us to rise. In wilderness heaven, I love every second of it and so do all the boys.

Our newly turned six year old paleontologist is in his own personal heaven digging for bones.

We enjoy Saturday morning bush walks in the cool winter air just the boys and me as Rosie girl wanders free.

The adventures in the great outdoors continue as we take a troupe 4 wheel driving.

October was all about capturing portraits of the important people in my life. Freezing their beauty in time.

More camping this time with friends. Nothing better than sharing what you love with good friends. Rosie Girl the protector is never too far away. We also had a surprise visit from my globe sailing cousin.

Such an exciting month for two little boys as they open a different Christmas book for every day until Santa’s arrival. It truly was magical.

And there it is a year full of fun and friendship that is all we could ask.

How was your 2016 ?

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