An Unexpected Event

When you are a parent there can be countless unexpected events in even one day. You must always be on the lookout for disaster to strike. Sunshine one minute, raining poo stones the next. 

You may not expect to hear something fall off your car roof as you drive down the hill. Only to remember that you left your freshly baked cake on the roof while you fought with your children to get into their car seats. You do however expect to never forget that sweet honey and cinnamon smell raising up from the road as you ran back to get your cake container before that .

Sometimes life brings nice unexpected events. Like every other day my 4 year old gives me a gift. It can be anything from a flower to a shell or a stone that he thinks is very valuable even though its come from someones gravel driveway. I read a book by Cheryl Strayed-Wild and she writes that her mother kept a jar of all the pebbles Cheryl and her siblings had given her over the years. It made me think, now, what a beautiful mother.

Just recently Mr EP (7) was presented a merit award at the school assembly. He told me the night before that I must attend the assembly which is not always easy as its when I should be at work. I took the morning off and of course I am glad I did. He was awarded for his kindness and ability to put others before himself and for being a leader in Year 1. It was unexpected and special. He had no idea why he got this award. I told him to just keep doing what he was doing.

Thats the cool thing about life though. Its the unexpected. Its not an adventure until something goes wrong. Cause when things go wrong thats when we learn. We learn to get out of our own way and stop stunting our own growth.

I am always looking for unexpected beauty in the everyday that I can photograph. My eyes are switched into the light and I don’t think I will ever be able to turn those lenses off.

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I didn’t expect to miss the box I was jumping up on at the gym. Oh Man the pain. I literally thought I might vomit or faint in the middle of the cardio class. But I kept on going for fear that anybody might have seen my stumble. Then the next day I mentioned my wounds to one of the girls. She said everybody has those scars. She had to go home after her fall. So maybe I am tougher that I think.

What unexpected events have happened to you lately ??


This was the third writing from my little writing prompt jar. It wasn’t really floating my boat. So this was the best I could come up with.


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  1. Life is so wonderfully unexpected, but not always pleasantly so. I do welcome the challenges though, and look forward to the good times 🙂


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