10 Things You Would Tell Your 16 Year Old Self.


1: You are enough: It has only been 16 years since you entered this world, yet you have already forgotten. Forgotten the number one lesson. That you are enough, you were enough when you were a tiny newborn all scrunched up and wriggly, you were enough when you were 3 and you were taken to hospital with asthma, you were enough when you were 12 and you needed your first bra. You were enough yesterday, you are enough today, you will be enough tomorrow. You are always and forever, enough. The only way in which you need to change is to accept that glorious spirit that  always encircles you. You have no need to hide, you instead need to be seen. You deserve to be seen. The one and only reason you are here is so that you can learn to fit into the essence that is simply and authentically you. That shy yet curious, sometimes cranky but always loving soul. You don’t need to make yourself feel bad all the time. Please do not waste that sparkling, ancient and unique stardust you were created with, on stuff you cannot possibly control. On stuff that might never happen. Take that glitter and let it float behind you particle by particle creating your own unique path of light. When you get lost, because of course you will, nothing worth its weight in stardust comes easy. Stop and listen. She knows, that voice inside . Trust her always and you will never again become lost. She contains the wisdom of the universe . She will lead you to the moon, the ride might get rough along the way but just remember to be kind to yourself . Your self love will be your rocket fuel.

2. Get involved in sport: Don’t be afraid. You are short but you are fast. There is great power in feeling strong and fit. It will not only help your body physically but also mentally. Own your body, honour it. Please do not let your shyness stop you from trying new things. Sports that could help you through your whole life, swimming, running, basketball, volleyball whatever. Don’t worry about missing the ball sometimes. Don’t take yourself so seriously everybody looks silly at times. That is what makes life fun

3. Ask Questions in class or more importantly speak out if you know the answer: Life is too short to be worrying about what others think. Knowledge truly is power and it can lift you out of many a dark place. Ignore teachers who are not supportive or try to discourage you. If something interests you follow that lead. Determination and interest can bring you as far as a perceived intelligence.

4. Alcohol: I want to tell you not to try it but I know you will ignore me. Most will do it anyway. Humans young and old like escape from reality once in a while. Thats ok, life can be really hard. But pace yourself and keep your wits about you. Believe me when I say you enjoy yourself more when you can remember what you say and the jokes that were made. What is there to enjoy when all you can remember is vomiting into a drain ? Be sensible, show yourself some respect, you are precious, handle yourself with care. Take care of your friends, stick together. Be grown up, people will respect you all the more.

5. Friends: You are good at choosing friends. They are growing up too and you will all make mistakes but remember to care for the ones who are always there for you. Don’t dump friends over a boy. Some friends may disappoint you. Some people come into your life for a short time some for a life time. True friends will fill you up when you are down, it can be magical. Don’t become dependent on friends to make you feel comfortable. You must stand in your own purple doc martens. They are a sturdy shoe and can withstand many a storm. So be cool and be strong and do it alone if you have to.

6: Respect your parents: They may piss you off , they may make you feel small. But know that they only ever under all circumstances do the best that they can. They love every ounce of you and have done from the beginning. They are the ones that know you are enough, always and forever just that way you are and they are waiting for you to step up and out of your own way. You will rebel, you are meant to its all part of finding your identity but respect those that have given you life.

7: Take care of your baby sister: She is younger than you she could not possibly know as much. Take care of her. She can be annoying but its only because she looks up to you. So step up into that role and show her how to be a strong young woman. Protect her and help her on her own path.

8:Boys: I know you think that is what life is about but its not, really its not. Listen to your music, write your weird poems, draw your strange doodles. Take care of your friends. Laugh with your friends until you struggle to breath. Boys will come and go. Choose those that see you for you. Don’t be influenced by them. You are cool in your own way and you do not need a boy to tell you that.

9: Speak out more. Do not bottle those feelings because we all know what happens  when we shake a bottle of coke. Tell someone you trust when you feel sad and when you are hating yourself. You never know they might feel the same way.

10: Keep writing. Write every day. Draw pictures every day. Notice nature everyday. Because on the days when you have forgotten who you are. The words and the pictures and the animals will remind you who you are really meant to be. Embrace your weirdness

September 2017 20917_33

I love you x


What would you tell your 16 year old self ?

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6 thoughts on “10 Things You Would Tell Your 16 Year Old Self.

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  1. Oh Druimé this is so beautiful. If only we could’ve told ourselves these wonderful pearls. But if we knew everything then where would we be now? Here’s to making the mistakes learning from them and becoming stronger for them. When my girls are older ill read them this. I’ll try pass on some of what us girls have learned. But we never took advice on board. I’m wondering will they? If not we’ll be there to comfort and guide our kids as our mothers were.
    Thanks for the uplifting words as always. X


    1. Thank you Mrs Keane for such supportive words as always. Yes wisdom comes with age I just sometimes wish that my shyness and awkwardness didn’t hold me back as much as it did . Xxxx


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