MY 2017 in Pictures


We enjoy lazy Summer Days at home

IMAG0711Mamó Comes to stay . They enjoy her cuddles and stories.



The littlest one starts Kindy and enjoys every minute.


Mummy and Mamó enjoy hanging out together


Cú Boo turns 4 requests a Paw Patrol Cake.


The Boys Aussie Grandmother/ Nanna becomes ill and must spend time in and out of hospital. The boys faces bring her much joy.


The boys stay friends and big bother visits little bother at kindy.  They hug through the kindy fence.


We enjoy lots of camping weekends with our bestest friends. The kids savour the freedom of the sand dunes and big starry night skies.

Jan 2017 Seabird_17May

I relish my Thursdays at home alone with the Kindy boy. We cuddle on the couch and drink peppermint tea.



The Boys and I fly to Ireland. We enjoy lots of country walks…


and time playing in the fresh air with cousins and magical mountain fairy’s



I fly to New York City to celebrate my 40th birthday with my sisters. We eat and drink and shop and walk and walk and walk,  loving every minute of our freedom.



We return home and I sink into a hole. My workplace goes through major changes, Nanna continues to be unwell and I am very homesick and wonder why is it I live on the other side of the world, away from so much love?  I take time off work for stress.



I begin getting back into my exercise. I get up at 5am to see the sunrise and begin a new photography project.


I return back to writing. Inspiration is always there when you have a jar full of surprise words.


I slowly begin to feel like myself again


We enjoy some Springtime drives.

September 2017 20917_52230917_18September 2017 20917Daddy D buys me a beautiful new camera because, he believes in me.

September 2017 20917_20September 2017 20917_28September 2017 20917_33


The 7 year old really sheds his little boy looks and I begin to see a young man .

Ewyn 051117_5 copy

Our beautiful Nanna can no longer fight. We stay with her for her last days and she is surrounded by so much love. Pop misses her more than he will say. She leaves behind a gaping hole in our lives. I miss her strong feminine spirit and I feel the responsibility of now being the only woman in this tiny Aussie family.

December 2016_43


We try and get into the Christmas spirit. Friends provide us with so much love and support.


We breath new life into Nanna’s Wreath


Mamó arrives again to take care of us and help relieve the sadness.

December 2017_11

Its been a huge year with massive highs and lows. It just shows you how much can happen in a year and we really do have to make the most of the time that we have here. Express and show much Love and Kindness to both yourself and those around you and everything will be ok. Everything will work out. Nothing stays the same.

Happy New Year Beautiful and Precious Souls.


5 thoughts on “MY 2017 in Pictures

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  1. I think you’re like one of those wobbly bouncy toys Druimé. No matter how many times you get knocked over, you always bounce back up. You’re incredible. You feel your feelings. You remain kind and honest throughout and acknowledge the love in your life. You’re a rare gem. I have a lot of love for you and your incredible resilient spirit. Again thanks for sharing. Xxx


    1. I think you are my blog Angel 😇 dropping by to sprinkle your words of love and encouragement. Funny though I actually was beating myself for not being resilient enough. That when I fall I fall hard . Anyway there is not point fighting it. Lots of love and hugs to you angel girl. X

      Liked by 1 person

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