What’s standing in your way ?



She has long auburn hair.

She has green eyes and freckled arms.

She sort or looks like me, but she is twice my size. Easily about ten foot.

She has a menacing look on her face. Her eyes are squinted and her nostrils are flared. Her hair appears as if it has been back combed. Its thick and frizzy. Her fists are clenched and her feet stand firm on the ground.

I ask her politely to please move, she is blocking my way.

She does not move.

I start to wonder if she can hear me, perhaps she is partially deaf ?

I shout louder ” Would you mind moving out of my way please ? ”

She tosses her large slightly demented head back and laughs. Her laughter reverberates down into my heart. It hurts.

My anger begins to take over. I stamp my size three feet and demand that she please move out of my way. I have things I need to get on with.

She pushes me with her large hand. I land on my bottom. The pain shoots up my spine.

How can she be so rude? I become a small child and throw a tantrum. I push her large leg with my shoulder, my face turns red with frustration. I lift weights at the gym, I am no longer weak. I can stick up for myself.

She does not budge.

She just stares down at me. I am merely an annoying mosquito to her strong resolve.

“You will never defeat me ” She booms in a condescending and powerful tone.

So I walk away.

I write, I take photographs, I see counsellors, I swim in the ocean. I love my children, I work hard on my relationship. I go to work, I love my friends, I exercise more that I ever did at twenty.

I grow taller.

All the while slowly but surely plotting my revenge against her.

That giant pain in the ass blocking my way.

What is in your way ???

Trina Cary Photography



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