20 Random Facts about Me


  1. I love animals. They bring me peace.
  2. I hate coffee and English breakfast tea. I love water, wine and gin.
  3. I doubt myself every single day, multiple times a day, every hour ….
  4. I adore being a mother to two curious, bold and loving boys.
  5. Fish have always fascinated me. The weightless peaceful watery world they inhabit.
  6. I’m dreaming of living a more creative life. Instead I go to my government job and follow methods, procedures and strict protocols.
  7. I don’t meditate. I walk in nature.
  8. Two mornings a week I get up at 4:50am to attend my F45 gym session at 5:10am. I dread that alarm going off so early but i jump out of bed no excuses and I am always thankful.
  9. I am pretty quiet until you get to know me. I seek thoughtful conversations.
  10. Even though I am a little bit shy. I love people. We are surrounded by goodness.
  11. I have been a vegetarian for 23 years. I am of late drawn towards veganism (Although I love cheese). I worry about the world.
  12. I hate shouting. It makes me want to cower in a corner like a small child.
  13. I spend an hour every second night reading to my boys. Pretty much half an hour each. Some days I dread it because I am so tired but I must continue what I started.
  14. I am attracted to funny people. I envy those who can make others laugh. I appreciate humour despite tending towards the serious boring side myself.
  15. I am dreaming of starting a portrait photography business. Every day I have to remind myself I deserve this just as much as anyone. It is only my lack of self believe that stands in my way.
  16. When I am sad I retreat, but connection is really the anti-venom to this habit that needs to be broken.
  17. I have always written. When I was a young adult I burnt my teenage diaries. I wish my younger self was not so ashamed of my teenage self. She was just expressing herself in a way that was essential to her soul. I still have that soul…..
  18. I met my love in a campsite in Queensland 17 years ago. His tent was parked next to mine. I was standing on the beach looking at the full moon. He came up behind me and said “you came down here so I would follow you”. I said “wow you are full of yourself”. We laughed and the rest is history.
  19. I was always sick with asthma as a child and so I wanted to become a doctor. Today my eight year old said he wanted to do his own project on Dinosaurs because he wants to be a paleontologist. He reminded me that I did a project when I was his age on fish. I grew up and studied aquatic science.
  20. The only animal I hate is the cockroach…………….


If you stayed to read them all. Thank you !!

Tell me some facts about you x

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