A Photo a Month for 2018


January: Mamó flys over from Ireland to take care of two little boys on their summer holidaysjanuary 2018_18

February: It never ever gets easier saying goodbye xx

10feb 2018_15

March: The little one turns 5 and the red haired Easter Bunny walks him to school


April: Our first Family Holiday 3 weeks in Bali  H.E.A.V.E.N


May : We have a family photo Session @trinacaryphotography. We love every image.


June: Winter in Perth is best for camping the sun is less harsh and the snakes are more sleepy . We love camping amongst the trees.


July:  The beach transforms into a weedy adventure land. We enjoy beach combing to see what sea treasures the winter storms have brought us.


August: Those early evening winter sunsets make for pretty pastel skies.


September: I fly solo to San Francisco. I love love love it. Thank you Rebecca xxxxx

san francisco 2018_70

September/October : New York New York for Sinéad’s Wedding. It does my heart and soul good to reconnect with Cousins and Aunties and Friends and Sisters and Mamó’s


November: Welcome back sunshiny beach .

november 18 2018_36

December: We try rustle up some Christmas spirit but our hearts are feeling the void of Nanna’s 12 month anniversary. We laze about at home watching movies, reading books, swimming, sleeping.

december 16 23 24 2018_4

Its been a pretty special year for me. Its only when you look back at your collection of photographs that you realise how much you have packed into your days.

The days are long but the years are short.

Capture, Collect and Collate those memories.

Lots of Love.

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